Hayley&Will Got Married!

by Ellen Coleman

So I did a few engagement photos of my good friends Hayley & Will a few months ago, and then they got married on June 1 at Kanuga in Hendersonville, NC, one of the most special places in America (I used to work there as a their full-time photog). I was lucky enough to be IN the wedding and got to shout WE WILL with the gaggle of my dearest friends in full support of Hayley & Will joining their lives together. It was a weekend full of joy, jokes, love, and renewal, and it did not last long enough. Here are some of the beautiful details from their wedding in the mountains. I am ashamed that I have ZERO photos of Hayley & Will together in their wedding clothes, but I forget that when I'm in a wedding, it is a definitely requirement that I must have my own photo made, preferably without a large black camera strapped to my hand. Also, Matthew made the pretty centerpieces that look like branches, Elise did that super artsy photo of Hayley and the bouquet of Dum-Dums, and everything else was handmade and put together by Hayley, Will's mom, and a handful of other crafty, lovely people. It was all very lovely.