Katherine & Mike

by Ellen Coleman

I'm so excited to post these! For this wedding, I was a bridesmaid AND the photographer. I love a good challenge, and I was honored that Katherine wanted me to do both. Katherine is one of my dearest friends from college... a mutual friend kept hounding each of us separately to find each other once we got to college because she knew we would be fast friends. She was right; I feel weird when I think of a time when Katherine and I weren't friends. She has the quickest wit of anyone I know, kindness explodes out of her, and although it's hard to imagine, I'm at my weirdest when we are together. We've been through a lot together, and her immense happiness is of utmost importance to me. When she met Mike at seminary, and I heard her talk about him, I knew (because of her immense happiness) that he was it. And then when I finally got to meet him, I could see why-- they complement each other perfectly. Mike is smart, deep, and kind, and is a very special human to keep up with Katherine. Not only does he keep up, he challenges her and they make each other better. I'm thrilled to have a new friend in Mike, and I know that they make a great team for life. Anyway, here are the photos, and I would like to say thanks to Jeremy, Hannah, Aunt Debbie, and Katie for wielding Mark3 when I had to jump around to the other side.