It's been awhile...this will be long.

by Ellen Coleman

Blogging takes FOREVER. Also, I have barely made any photos that I thought were worth sharing. Just been in a photo funk, even though I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. I'm terrible at multitasking, and I think because I've been so focused on my job, I've made no space for any extra creativity. And when I travel back to the South to see all the people I love most, I'm torn between wanting to make beautiful images of my friends' perfect children (and Ben & Sam) and wanting to JUST BE with them. I always feel rushed to make the best photos ever because I love my friends and I never get to see them, and I only find a few images I am really in love with. Don't get me wrong, I'm over the moon when anyone asks me to capture important things in their lives--making photos is the most heartfelt gift I can give, and I love that I am able do that for the ones I love.  

Also these days I am completely obsessed with looking at other artists' photos and feeling incompetent. HOWEVER, when someone asks me to make photos because they like my work--and I say yes--I. Just. Love. It. Thankfully, one of my favorite families (and friends) asked me to do some family photos as a surprise for Father's Day, and I am so excited to share these. 

Here are the Barrys, y'all. They are always making each other laugh, they are so easy to be around, and they are constantly giving, giving, giving. I just hope that these photos show how beautiful they are inside and out. I LOVE THESE HUMANS SO MUCH. Thank you, Barrys--I love being with y'all.