by Ellen in ,


you know you're stunning
well you're absolutely stunning
and i'm running always running
and now i'm crying
you know only cause i'm caring
and if you were more daring maybe you'd stop staring
and come over and talk to me
and tell me bout how you've been waiting so patiently
and now you try but i just turned away
and i'll say, "yeah well you know, i'm shy that way"

i'm shy that way
maybe i'm shy that way


just got back from new orleans. it was a great trip, with 23 kids and 6 adults, a few alligators, a couple raindrops, and a lot of weeds.

it's hard to believe that new orleans is in our own country. it's so beautiful, but at the same time so tragic. sometimes it's spooky, but all of the time it's very remarkable.

there's still a lot to be done. we didn't even make a dent. and we knew that, but it was still SO worthwhile.

my conclusions:

the same God that made me made the weeds we pulled up.

he made us to toil the earth, which He made first, and man oh man, did we toil that earth. we were connected with the ground, the people who lived there before the storm, every person that's helped with relief, the water that ran through, and each other....

we were doing the work that the Lord has given us to do. as humans, we're God's greatest resource to let everyone else know He exists. and when we ask Him to use us, that's pretty dangerous, because He will. and when we say, "here i am, Lord", watch out. He might make us deliver something like the 10 commandments...that happened to this one guy a long time ago.

and i'm still processing...

i didn't know what to expect this week, but i sure got a lot out of it...i want to go back again and again. never have i felt such a strong presence...going through everything that someone owned and chucking it over their fence for garbage men to pick was hard, and even trying to displace yourself from what you're actually doing doesn't work, by the way.

but the work was so eye-opening, so sweaty, so overwhelming, so required...that i felt a very strong sense that i was supposed to be there, and i couldn't help but revel in it.

and even though we didn't make a dent, but we all understood that it was ok. we were doing this for a reason, that we were the gentle whisper of God after the storm to let his people know that He was still there.

AND i got closer to my kids. i think only being uncomfortable can bring about a real change.

and i got closer to some people that i was not expecting to get closer to. we had so much fun, and experienced so much worry and sadness and joy and love and excitement. merlin's beard, it was faaaaaabulous!

and i can't WAIT for larry potter....