by Ellen in

This is the most unusual story of a most unusual girl
she's the paint in my picture of a most unusual world
she can crawl out a frame while she's hanging on the wall
and she's calling my name, she's most unusual

Disclaimer: The weirdness of this one can be attributed the fact that I was in the midst watching the first 3 seasons of LOST in two weeks.

I was in a really weird art history class with Dr. McKeown. There were people in it who seemed ruthless about tests and studying...the tests were difficult and ridiculous. John was there, too. The people in the class wanted to take us to a place that they said was like a resort, but it was really a weird testing center where they controlled your mind. We fought going, but somehow they put us on the ship to take us. We had to pretend we didn't know what they were doing. As soon as we left wherever we were, it got stormy and cloudy. When we got there, they separated John and me and tried to get all of our life information. I remember not cooperating like they wanted, so they started telling me everything they knew about me. They told me they knew I had a sister named Claire who was dead, but I was confused and knew they were nervous and making things up, because my sister is not dead. They were angry when I told them they were wrong, and then Claire appeared to prove she was alive. She told me that I needed to do everything I could to get away. When they took John away, I knew he would be different the next time I saw him and I begged him not to listen to them. They gave us separate apartments to live in and I couldn't see him. They gave us tests and medicine to erase our minds, but I either figured out a way to not take them or they didn't work on me. There was another girl there who was pretending, too. She told me that we had to make a deal with them in order to leave. So I went to see John, and he had no idea who I was. He didn't even recognize me, but I thought I may have seen for a second in his face that he did recognize me. I tried to get him to hug me, but he wouldn't and pushed me away, and said he was on his way to "meet someone": the people who were making him crazy. It was the worst feeling I've ever had for him not to know me. I didn't want to leave him, but I had to get away, and I knew there was no hope of him ever knowing me again. So I told the people that they could strap a blimp to my back, and if I could pull it back to my house, then they would let me go. I pulled it down a sidewalk with palm trees, and I thought I'd never make it, but I did. Leaving John there was miserable, but I knew that if I went back for him, he's still never remember who I was.