aaarrggghhh it's drivin' me nuts!

by Ellen

the cosmic fish they love to kiss
they're giving birth to constellations
no riffs and oh no reservation
if they should fall you'd get a wish or dedication
may i suggest you get the best
for nothing less than you and i
let's take a chance as this romance is rising oh before we lose the lighting
oh bella bella please
bella you beautiful luna
oh bella do what you do

Today, I am a pirate.

This morning, I somehow rubbed a hole in a layer of my cornea. Naturally this would happen to me during my normal routine. I was drying my hair, then BAM it was like my eye had exploded. My eye doctor thought I was weird, and to make it even weirder, told me I had to wear an eye patch for the day. He even giggled as he taped it on, declaring, "this is my best job yet!" I didn't share his enthusiasm. My glasses don't fit over it, my eye is gooing on the inside of it, and it still hurts. However, it was fortunate that my lovely and talented friend Jennifer stopped by to see Luna...AND draw an eye on my eye patch so it "wouldn't be as embarrassing". Thanks to Jennifer for being so generous with her interpretation of the length of my eyelashes.

I thought I wouldn't have to go into public today, and I haven't. On the bright side, the hottest police officer in Memphis just knocked on my door asking about a hang-up 911 call from the other side of the house. I explained the situation, that it had happened before, being charming and the super-cute 23 year old that I am...before I remembered that I was wearing a giant eye patch with a fake blue eye drawn with Sharpie on it. As soon as I realized this, my hand immediate flew to my face, covering the eye patch (like that would make the situation any better). He was gone before I could tell him my favorite pirate joke. He seemed in a hurry. Wonder why?

So, I am a pirate and Luna is the parrot on my shoulder.

And thanks again to Jennifer for her artistic rendering of my eye.

aaarrggh it's drivin' me nuts!

watch out, this parrot bites.

pinky and the brain take over the world!