a craaaaazy dream.

by Ellen in

you close your eyes you say goodnight in your own special way you rest your head and you rest your mind and there you go

there you go so fast, so fast asleep there you are without a care when or where but there you are I swear without a care where it is you lay

spiraling spaces tangled up in moments of touching time trying to find some somewhere sleeping sideways pockets full of nothing, head exploding from the mind too much time for dancing in our hair sister don't be shy between little you and I

Ok, this one is hilarious.

I dreamed that Elise and I were going to church with my dad, and ended up going to the 7:45 service at Calvary, which blew on my mind that I had gotten up that early. It was so weird because there was no bulletin, the priests were laughing and just asking people what they wanted to sing, and there was this brightly clothed troupe that danced, sang, and were comedians. I remember thinking that his service was early because all this weird stuff happened at it and that they had made it so early to disguise the fact that tons of people came to it. After it was over, John Stoller and Grace were there, and were asking what we wanted to do. I was still in shock over the service, so I sat down in the aisle and noticed that my purse was shaking. I opened it and took out this rubber ducky that was expanding until it transformed into a pair of Ugg-like boots that had red polka dots on them. These ducks that turned into shoes were obviously very popular because someone else had them on. Then we were at a house, which I assumed was mine and were hanging out with John Stoller who was laughing because he had just made Elise touch his hoo-ha because she had made fun of him or something. I said, "if you make me do that, I'll hurt you" and then he started chasing me around and he tackled me in the kitchen and squeezed the life out of me and kissed me a lot. Then we went to my room, and everyone was sitting on my air mattress, which I thought was really dumb because it would deflate. Then they left and John Stoller and I made out some more because I had decided that I liked it and so I used him because I wanted to make out with some hot man (John Stoller=SO hotttt). Then he asked me to drive him to "campus" because we were now apparently at UNC, and he kept giving me mischievous looks. One of his friends came with us and I remember thinking how pretty the campus was as I was driving and his friend was hanging out my back window. I remember the drive having the most beautiful fall leaves and thinking that was strange because it was winter. We drove down some roads until we came to this wide open space with lots of people and he told me to drive downwards. When we got to where I was supposed to go, it was this giant gorge that people had made into a commons for the school. It was a straight drop, and I told John Stoller NO WAY. Then John Stoller became a jerk and threw my bag into the gorge and ran away giggling with all of his little friends. Then I ran into lots of people I knew: First it was Lauren Lazar and she was showing the campus to Jessie, Jacob Elam's girlfriend. Then I saw Martha Ferg who was peeling from a terrible sunburn. There were people dressed in Memphis shirts because of the game that day (in real life), and apparently my scenery had changed from UNC to St. George's Colliervile and that's why everyone was wearing Memphis apparel. Then I saw people playing sand volleyball and it was Christy Horner, some other people, and Julia Gardial who asked me if her wig looked fake. Then I went back inside because I had to leave, I hugged John Stoller, who was very giggly and weird. Then I saw Joey, who helped me get my bag from the gorge because John Stoller threw it there and wouldn't go get it for me.