my craaaaazy dreams!

by Ellen in

We dance, we dance, we play, we rant and rave.
Oh this childlike wildlife is flooring me. Oh this childlike wildlife is flooring me.

Early in the morning. Late in the evening. Evening, we kinda get delirious
Breaking from the seriousness I try not to get disoriented
Having chewed too many up on my side, is it any wonder how I miss your style
Is it any wonder how I write... pages layered upon pages
Which to no one else but me can be accounted for, for this moments sake
I do not become me, for path tunnels or straightaways I do not watch as often as I should
So instead I sketch my life a comfortable creature
Slow and beautifully.
Oh the smell and tastes of the past nights, well they're still locked up in my gentle jaw
Not that I am wanting them to go, just that they are... and I'm very much aware
The madness of slow motion as you move your legs to walk, I'm very much aware
Of this madness when you talk.
This childlike wildlife is flooring me, oh this childlike wildlife is flooring me.
We dance, we play, oh lord we rant and rave. We dance and we play always.

I had another crazzzzzzzzzy dream last night. It's sort of my jam: the weirdest dreams ever. I think maybe I'll post some to give you just a taste of how crazy they are.

So this one from last night/this morning, I can't remember when:

I dreamed that I was at Kathryn and Jake's wedding (which I missed because I got a migraine, by the way. It was in January). There were TONS of people there, and I was terrified because I hadn't gotten them a gift. When they were about to leave the reception, I suddenly announced that there would be a live auction to give away all of the art I owned (apparently, in my dreams, I own ltos of really amazing art). So people started bidding, and taking away all of my precious paintings. I remember that this gay couple had acquired my champagne glasses, which were huge and beautiful and decorative. Two of the kids from church, Hans and Jacob, bought this gray and black abstract piece of a man sitting on a couch staring at a pearl. Others bought my favorite photos, and soon everything was scattered everywhere. When I realized what I had done, I desperately tried to get everything back. I went to the gay couple to get my champagne glasses back, but they only cracked open a bottle and kept pouring champagne for me to drink, and then I became afraid to ask them for my things. I chased Hans and Jacob around everywhere: through hallways, in elevators, in rooms, and they wouldn't give back my fantastic piece of art. I don't really remember how it ended because Elise came into my room to get the aerobed and woke me up.

This one isn't nearly as strange as the one I had recently about a rubber ducky transforming into a pair of Ugg boots.