bustin chimberlake.

by Ellen in

Oh my, the congregation in my mind
Is this assembly singing gratitude
Practicing their lovin for you

Live high
Live mighty
Live righteously
Takin it easy
Live high, live mighty
Live righteously

I love it when he does things like this.

I can't believe I have left out the Bustin Chimberlake dream and it has already been this long! I can't remember all of the details exactly, because I never wrote it down to begin with, but you'll get the gist of how weird it was...

So, I go to visit St. Mary's, and I'm wearing jorts. I am there, and freaking out because I think I'm not allowed to be wearing jeans AND shorts, even though I'm only a visitor and I don't go there anymore. So I try to hide, and go to John's office, because I'm going to visit him anyway. After I leave, I'm not worried about being seen anymore, so I walk downstairs to the front desk at CHC. It's there that I find the love of my life working the reception desk: Justin Timberlake. Holy cow! I start freaking out in front of him, and looks at me strangely. He doesn't understand what all my hullabaloo is about. I tell him who he is (obviously) and he again looks at me strangely, perturbed that I know who he REALLY is, and points to his shirt, where there is a label from a label-maker there that says,


He goes, "I have no idea who you think I am, but my name is obviously Bustin Chimberlake. See?" And shows me how he has made BUSTIN CHIMBERLAKE bracelets from the labels in the label maker. Bustin Chimberlake is EVERYWHERE. I think to myself how DUMB it is that if he really wanted to be inconspicuous, he wouldn't have changed his name from Justin Timberlake to Bustin Chimberlake. I walk away a little bit, and I call Elise, and we are freaking out, and I tell her to come to Holy Communion right away. I tell her that he is very sensitive about his name. So she comes there, and we follow him down the hall next to the parish hall and we jump in front of him and show our best dance moves, trying to see if he will dance for us. He does, and we are excited because we are dancing with Justin Timberlake, our life-long collective goal. So we dance all the way to the parking lot, and it was very exciting.

Then all of a sudden I am in the sanctuary and it has been transformed into this stage, and there was all of this colorful billowy fabric that moved in waves, and picked me up and I rolled around in it. Bustin Chimberlake was there, and there was all of this weird music playing, like a scene from Moulin Rouge or Across the Universe. Jamie, a guy that works at Holy Communion was also there, and he was setting everything up...there were banners hanging from the ceiling, and nothing looked like anything it really was. There was a big face painted on one of the fabrics, kind of like when Dorothy, the Lion, and Scarecrow go and see the Wizard of Oz.