craaaaazy dreeeeaaaammmmmmmmsss

by Ellen in

This is the bottom of Snevets, given to me by my Brian and Robert Stevens, my cousins. 

I'm terribly sorry for the constant updates. I think I'm going a little overboard.

I woke from this dream this morning.

So, I am at the beach with my cousins, Brian and Robert, because apparently they have a super fancy house there, wherever the beach may be. The room I have is all mirrors and glass...I have this really interesting dresser that is all mirrors. However, we are trying to be on the beach, and everyday we are there, we can visibly see a hurricane swirling in the clouds. It makes me especially nervous, considering what my room is made of. Then my good friends Will and Large are there, and they cannot stop taking pictures of the hurricane clouds on their iPhones (which neither of them own in real life). Large disappears, but Will is still around and staying with us at this house. It's really quite strange: Will and I are constantly holding hands, but in a very friendly way, because we like each other, because we're friends. Then, one day, when we are on the beach with all our clothes on, we see people pulling things out of the ocean. Will and I walk down to see what they are pulling out, and there is a pile of human bones: hands, feet, skulls, rib cages. Everyone is freaking out, blaming it on the weird weather, and all of these bones keep washing up on the beach. As we are walking, we are stepping on them, and children are playing with them in the sand. We decide the weather is too ominous, so we go inside with Brian and Robert. We know the reason we are here in the first place is because Brian's wife, Amanda, was murdered a while back in the room where I am sleeping, which gives me the heebee jeebees and makes me sad, because she is my favorite. All of us seem to be floating around in the living room, and then we make a decision to take our shoes off and walk to a restaurant down the beach. We start walking, and somehow Will and I are left behind, but make it to the restaurant anyway... it is this huge place, and we spend forever walking in circles to find my family. We climb this wire ladder apparatus and look for them, but they "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira starts to play, and we are dancing while on this wire construction, and shimmying (literally) our way down it, because we just love this song so much. We are doing the exact same dance moves, and get the biggest thrill out of dance-climbing down this thing we're on, like we're in Willy Wonka's candy factory or with Annie at the movies. We eventually find Brian and Robert, and I suddenly remember that I have to get on the computer for an online class. I have been saying the whole week that I am on Spring Break and I don't have to report to any of my classes, but for some reason, I forget this until I get back to the house. Then I am immediately distressed that the hot pink polish on my toenails is coming off, so I go to find some to match it. I find some, but it is in a room that is very modern and the nail polish is stored SO high that I can hardly reach it. I have to jump to get it, and when I do, it's this GIANT bottle. Then everyone comes home exhausted, and I scurry to put away the nail polish. I really want to go to the beach, but it looks like night outside because the hurricane clouds are so dark. No one else wants to go, so they walk back inside dejectedly and start sealing the house up because the hurricane is finally here.