The Chronicles of the Lu.

by Ellen in

We got Luna on February 15, 2009. Over the last month and a half, she has gone from weighing 8 pounds to weighing 25 pounds. She keeps getting really big, and we're not exactly just how big she is going to get. It seems that the bigger she gets, the feistier she gets. She has quite the personality, and when she's mean, she is MEAN. But when she is good, she is PERFECT. We love her a lot, and we think she's pretty silly. Here are some photos that we've taken to chronicle her growth from little little to getting LOTS bigger.

Here she is at about 6-8 weeks old. She really loves posing for the camera, sleeping in the steering wheel, playing in the snow, and terrorizing Winston, the most giant Golden Retriever that exists.

Above, she's about 8-10 weeks old. She discovered that she loves the bathroom floor because it feels good on her belly. She also really loved her first trip to Overton Park, where she played with babies and jumped on her Uncle Will. She HATES obnoxious dogs, and loves people her size and smaller. She licks their faces and they giggle and it is cute.

Now she's almost 3 months old, and she is losing her puppy fluff and getting real dog hair, which is weird, because she's not as soft and snuggly. As you can see, her feet are the size of the palm of my hand, and her nose is getting longer. She does this really weird thing that we call the "crazy eye" and it reminds us of the dramatic hamster. She really loves to hear herself bark, and every time we tell her to sit, she barks as if to say "I'm doing it, but it doesn't mean I have to like it, bitch." The other day, I took her on her first run, which made her tired, but I think she liked it. When I was in the shower after it, she waggled her way into the tub, and ended up getting a bath out of it, which I'm pretty sure she regretted immediately. It was funny, though, and we've figured out a way to bathe her.
We love her a lot.
Cynthia (from whom Luna was a surprise) asked Elise if I had had a migraine lately (I get REALLY bad ones that make me unable to function/vom everywhere/sometimes force to go the ER). Elise said no, because I haven't, and Cynthia told her that one of the reasons that she got Luna for us was to see if my migraines would go away. Dogs can be de-stressors, give someone unconditional love (which makes you really happy), put you on a pretty regular schedule, and give you a really tangible purpose. This is the longest I've ever gone without getting a migraine since I started getting them 10 years ago.
It's really amazing. We thought that Luna was going to be a big hassle, and sometimes she is, but because of her, we have become like a little family. Since Elise and I don't have husbands, we are like each other's husband, and now we have Luna. It is fun to watch her grow, make fun of her because she's really clumsy, and get pissed when she does something mean. She's a very special puppy, and fun for others to be around. She has a lot of people that love her, and that's something that even a lot of children don't get these days.
If we were in the real world, and Luna was a real child, and if Elise and I were more than just best friends, we would have a really hard time being accepted by our culture, and especially our Southern culture. If a child has two people (or one or even more than two) that love it and care for it and give it a good education, why does it matter what gender they are? Because it's "unnatural"? No one seems to think that Elise and I living together and having a dog is an issue. No one wants the dog to grow up to be evil and bite everyone. And no one wants a child to grow up to be evil and hurt everyone, either. It doesn't make sense to me that if the reason for people to get married is to have children then it MUST be a heterosexual couple. I know plenty of heterosexual couples who suck at raising children and treat them badly (not to mention that the divorce rate of 50% is based on heterosexual couples). In Memphis, it is the culture of these inner city families that you have babies and THEN get married (if your baby's daddy is still around). Things are changing, culture is changing, and we cannot be stuck in one single mindset, because it won't work for the next 100 years. I think the things we should focus on are raising the children that we have, whether that child has 2 mommies, 3 daddies, or 5 older siblings. Love is love is love and where love exists, good growth happens. How can a happy family be an abomination?
I'll admit: Elise and I always joke that we look like lesbians when we take Luna to the vet together, take her on walks together, and take "family" trips to go buy milk at the gas station down the road. It's fine with us, because even if we were lesbians, we would be perfectly happy and raising a perfectly happy and loved puppy named Luna.
But it makes me excited for the rest of my life, because if a puppy can be this awesome, a bet a human could be even cooler. I certainly don't want one now, and I'm having fun living vicariously through those who do, but it must be really cool to be a parent. And I hope that I marry some really good-looking man so our children can be really cute. It's shallow, but I would prefer to marry someone tall-ish with blue eyes so our kids can have big blue eyes that you can't say no to. But I also hope they won't get sunburned easily and that their feet won't be too big when they grow up. I hope their little noses are cute but distinct, and that they have good senses of humor so I can make fun of them and they won't get mad. If I am blessed enough to have children, I hope they always do the things that they love to do, and that they always see that there is a larger purpose for their lives. I don't care what God they believe in, as long as it leads them to their creator....
I could go on and on, and I didn't have any intention of writing any of this, but it just fell into my head and out of my fingertips.
PS: Still don't want kids. I like Luna. I think she's great. I'm also glad that she's Elise's, and that I can help in any way I can.
PPS: I am no longer interested in ever dating anyone ever again, so the aforementioned may prove to be a little difficult.

God is Love,
Rev Run.