craaaaaaazzzyyy dreaammmmssss

by Ellen in

it's something like i apologize
it's something i still can't decide
but i know it gets better
it only gets better

and i want to say that it's not always easy
but it's simple that way
and i want to stay and play it out
but i still have my doubts
so you say it gets better
it only gets better
better this way
better, maybe it's better this way

beautiful things they never stay, oh, the same way
they pass, oh they pass away, they always change
who are we is who we are
when the act of love can get us so far
so good i wish you would
think twice on me
'cause it only gets better

This one of my favorites by Jason (who am I even kidding? they are all my favorites). It's called "Better", and he sings it beautifully.

So, last night I dreamed that I was driving past St. Mary's lower school, and my car was like, magnetically drawn into the parking lot. It just drove itself there. When I got there, I saw all these people and in the middle of them was Eminem (yes, the rapper/actor/whatever else he does). It was really only like 8 regular people and his entourage, but when I showed up, he was explaining to everyone that he picked us to be special. We would have to do things to prove to him why he shouldn't shoot us. All of his creepy entourage people were smiling weirdly, because it looked like they wanted to shoot us. It was really strange and scary, and everyone was really scared. Then somehow we ended up in the Buckman building across the street, and there were glass elevators and people in school. Eminem would talk to me and threaten to kill me, and I remember that I had to skateboard down a half pipe as one of these weird tests. I had made friends with all the people in our threatened group, including one girl named Sarah. She was small and had black hair, and we kind of stuck together, until Eminem shot her. I was really really sad about it, but tried to keep going. Then we were all walking down a hallway, and I made a break for it. I went to hide in classrooms, and on the glass elevator, where this strapping young man named Winston Long helped me to escape. Of course, we immediately fell in love (I mean, how could you not?), and he was helping me run away, until we got caught. His brother, Justin, was a part of Eminem's posse and he was trying to shoot me. We finally convinced Justin that he should be a good guy, so he left the dark side and helped us escape. Eminem was chasing us, shooting at us, and we were on the first floor at Calvary, and Winston and I were holding hands (because we were in love, and he was really good-looking in my dream). My good friend Sam came up behind us and was really mad for some reason, but ran past us, and we followed him out into the street. An apparatus that holds cars for movies to make them look like they're really moving, but they're not because you can't actually film someone driving unless you're on one of these things (I'm sure there's an actual name for it). Anyway, we jumped on one of those while Eminem was still shooting at us, and we finally got away. I think he probably killed all of those other people, and I was sad that I couldn't help them. But Winston Long and I were together, so it was fine.

In my dream, I learned about all the other people's stories, but now it's gotten too late and I can't remember them.