craaaaaaazzzyyy dreaammmmssss

by Ellen in

You know you’re stunning 
You’re absolutely stunning 
And I’m running always running 
And now I’m crying 
It’s only cause I’m caring 
And if you were more daring 
Maybe you’d stop staring 
And come over and talk to me 
Tell me bout how you’ve been waiting so patiently 
And how you tried but I just turned away 
And I’ll say yeah well you know, 
I’m shy that way...

This song is called "shy that way", and jason wrote it with his pretty ex-girlfriend, Tristan Prettyman, who is also fantastic. I just love it. It's VERY easy to listen to. If I ever actually learn to play the guitar, I want to play this one day because it's lovely.

I had this dream on April 7, 2007. It's one of the most complicated and involved dreams I've ever had, and I can still vividly remember it...weird!

I dreamed I was sitting in church, waiting for the service to being, but it never did. There was a bed on the chancel, and tons of people were there, and my friend Sam was sitting next to me and kept putting his face really close to mine. Then I went up and sang a song in a silly voice and put a bedspread that had a spider on it on the bed. EVeryone clapped for me, and I felt really good about my performance. There was this guy in a wheelchair sitting in front of me, and then he went up to sing a song, too. Later, we became friends and he showed me some videos he had made. He explained about each one of them, and said 2 of them were of his lacrosse games, which I found odd because he was in a wheelchair. They were also weird because they were of some sort of old-timey soldiers dressed in long red overcoats and hats and marching around around in millions of dead leaves that kept falling on them--they were a very distinct color of yellowish-brown. Then, as I watched the video, all of a sudden were in the video and dressed like the people of the time period--maybe the 1940s. The guy in the wheelchair and I were in hot love and had a lot of money, because we had a sports car with a special mechanism for him to use to drive. We also lived in a house with a long, winding, narrow road, and it was decorated really fancy and contemporary of the time period. I remember feeling really in love with the wheelchair man, but we weren't married. We were going have some man stay at our house while we were going somewhere, and I heard the man say that he was going to burn it down while we were away. I didn't care about the house, and I calmly told my wheelchair boyfriend about it, because we were so in love that I didn't want us to be there when the house was burning. The man at our house seemed out to get my wheelchair love, and we had seen him in church giving us evil looks because wheelchair man was handicapped. We got in our car and drove off. After that, he dropped me off and told me to meet him somewhere, but I had to walk and didn't know my way around the city we were in. I was at a park and saw a map with the place where he told me to meet him, but it was across town and I could only walk. There was someone there with me, a girl friend, but I don't remember who. We kept getting turned around with our cardinal directions, but after asking people in smoky stores for directions, we got on a road that would lead to where we wanted to go. We were running/walking really fast and it wasn't the 40s anymore...I think we were in the 90s or something because we were now wearing windsuits. So we were traveling really fast, and I remember seeing wheelchair man, but not at our destination. He wasn't in a wheelchair anymore, and he was walking...and though I never witnessed it, I remember a clear evolution of devices used to help him walk, but it turned out that he didn't need any of it to begin with. Although it was 50 years later, we weren't any older and I was very happy to see him about being desperately lost in a dirty city where everyone smoked.