crazzzyyy dreaammmsss

by Ellen in

there's a cool breeze blowing in the garden grove
where a lady, she learns to sleep
while surrounded, now where all the flowers grow
otherwise an empty orchard street
she is dreaming of her holiday
from a working class menagerie
and her hands are cold
how shes warming up to loving me

i'm a passerby in a promise land
and i face no direction
oh in a state somewhere between the towns of lost and found
in the state of confusion
sure, our dreaming is pure wonderment
but our feelings are no accident
if my heart is cold it won't forever be,
cause she's warming up to loving me

are you warming up to love?
are you warming up to loving me?

this is called "warming up" by jason mraz. it seems that he has written a song for everything in life that i love. 

First, I dreamed that I was in China and Luna and I had to go visit this girl who was the only person in China who would speak English to us. We walked through all this mud and forests, until we finally came to her house, but there were ninjas outside (of course!) who were being totally ridiculous. And this part is really weird: she was the girl from this movie Music and Lyrics with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore (I haven't seen this movie since it first came out in theatres like 3 years ago). Anyway, this girl is really strange, and has people catering to her every whim, and she let us in, and we sat on her deck outside, and it was cloudy and dark....

Then: I dreamed I was at camp (my favorite place), and there TONS of people there. We were in the dining hall, and we were having these weird competitions. One was how long we could sit before we fell over, another was how long we could stand on one leg, and another was trying to imitate this REALLY bad dancer girl who was doing all this crazy stuff. I remember everyone was looking at me, because I had won everything last year, and I remember feeling really confident about winning this time, too. The last part of the competition was trying not to laugh when someone was being funny...
Then, a number of things were going on. There was a Gap store there, and all the dresses were really expensive, like over $1000. I ran into a strange girl I went to SMS with, and we had a really deep conversation. I was wearing this super cute shirt, and she kept trying to take it off of me because she liked it and wanted it. Finally, she did, and then I didn't have a shirt to wear, so I had to buy a really expensive dress from this weird Gap store at camp. Then it is free time, and I go to take a shower, and Heather comes back from swimming asking where I was, and I told her that I was bummed; I didn't know anyone was going swimming or I would have gone instead of taking a shower. Then I stick my head in the sink, and when I come up, there is this beautiful rainbow outside our window. Heather and I start screaming about how beautiful it is, and we all go downstairs to get into Chandler's car to try and find it. Apparently Chandler has a flying car or an airplane, because we were flying and taking pictures of people in the flying vehicle beside us, and we finally reached the rainbow, and it was in Mexico. We landed on this hill, and we discovered that what was causing the rainbow to be so bright was that there was this stack of chalk sticks of every color, and the sun was refracting them into a rainbow. I was trying to take all of these beautiful photos, because this was such a rare experience, but people kept getting in the way of the shot, or I couldn't get a low enough angle or some other strange thing. We all piled back into Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and flew back, and I was still trying to take pretty photos of the ground below us, but my shots kept getting interrupted by weird things. 
We landed safely at camp, and were driving back to the pavilion on the small gravel road, and we have to stop because there is a man (I forget who) running away from something. He is screaming, and we get out of the car in time to see a brown bear running toward us. He looks friendly, and Sean gives him a dead racoon he found (what?) to hold him off from eating us. Everyone except me jumped back into the car, and I decided to outrun the bear. I was about to scale the fence to the pool, when it jumped on me and stuck its claws in my back. That's all it did, though, and it didn't try to eat me or anything, but I remember its claws being incredibly painful. Then, Kevin (a large scary man I work with) came and ripped the bear off of me, and wrestled it to the ground while I ran away. I don't think I was bleeding or anything, and I didn't even care, I was still mad about all of my photos being ruined by so many different things.