ccrraaazzzyyy dreammmsss

by Ellen in

Oh the fact of the matter is
And I don't know what the latter is, oh no way
See, I've always wanted to kiss you
But I, I always wanted to run from you
Because I've always wanted to miss you
And I, I always wanted to come for you
See, I love to comfort you
But the first thing I'll say to you is, "Baby, how do you do?"

This is a excerpt from my favorite song, and the reason why thing is called what it is. This song is called, "1000 Things" and it is lovely and unexpected. This video is my favorite version of it.  And he's not wearing a hat in it, which is rare and awesome. If you watch anything any day of the week, it should be this.

Ok, so last night (or this morning) I dreamed it was Sunday, and I was going downtown to eat lunch with girls from work, and we went to Subway. I ordered my usual sandwich, but the tomatoes were really runny, and the bread was hard to cut, and I don't think I wanted to eat it. Apparently this Subway was had like a patio/outdoor seating area on Main Street, and we were getting our sandwiches when Ebet freaked out because her ex-husband was walking toward us (she doesn't have an ex-husband in real life), and she was worried that her current husband would be angry. So we sort of hid her, and then her REAL husband, who, in my dream turned out to be a man named Mark from church and not Ebet's actual husband Clayton, showed up and she was really excited. Then, Robyn asks me excitedly if I had checked my e-mail yet because she had something really important that I was supposed to look at. But in my mind's eye, I remembered that I HAD checked my e-mail, and there were like 1000 that I hadn't read yet, and I hadn't gotten to hers. I told her "no, that I don't check my email on my day off," and then we were suddenly at church, so I never knew what it was she wanted to tell me. 

Then, while we were at church, I taught the little people's Sunday School, and Heather taught the 5th and 6th grade Sunday School, and I remember that we did something really weird, but I can't remember exactly what it was anymore. Then Sunday School ended and I went to where Heather was teaching, and I followed this really weird and dirty child around the bottom of the church, and then we were lined up to all leave to go out the door, when Robyn came up to me and hugged me and told me that she had tickets right after church to go to some dance troupe's show. I kept asking her what they were called, but I never understood what she said, and I tried to ask someone, but I couldn't understand what they were saying either. So I was in a hurry to get to this show, when Elise reminded me that Darlon (a really random friend from SMS) had also invited us to go to some other dance show, but we decided that Robyn's was cooler, so we hurried to get there. We stopped by Will's house to get him, and John Denton was there in a white truck, ready to go, too. I got in his car, but it seemed backwards to me, like a British car, and I started freaking out, but then I soon realized that it wasn't at all. It was something about the road. We were driving, and Will was driving in front of us, when we were on this interstate where the speed limit was only 35 mph. There were all these big, windy layers of underpasses and overpasses, and there were cars going slowly for miles and miles. Since we were driving so slowly, I decided to climb on the hood of the car with my pillow and take a nap while we were driving. On a turn, my pillow slid out from under my head and I started screaming because this pillow was very special. I was yelling and crying because these were the pillows that my stepmom's parents had given to me before they died and "they just don't make pillows like that anymore!" So, I stopped, scooped it up, and got back in the car. We were incredibly late to this dance show, and we were somewhere like Collierville, and we went to someone's house instead. It ended up being Drew and Ellie's house, and they had this orange cat that would crawl in really small spaces and get stuck. 

In their backyard, there was some sort of competition going on. All of these people were dressed in funny outfits and were competing for something. It was like they were all taken from assorted reality TV shows and squished together for this competition. Some people were running, some were swimming, some were eating, and some were fighting. I somehow ended up in the pool while all of this was going on, and I was being pulled and jerked around by two girls competing for something. I decided to be a part of this race and ended up winning, but it was very stressful. I was wearing some sort of pink prom dress, and went back into the house because my mom was calling me. I wasn't listening to her at all, and I'm pretty sure I just hung up on her. Then I found the cat in my purse and I woke up.

In other news, in real life: we're moving this month, and I'm excited about that. Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors' new acoustic album makes my life better (Elise and I are listening to it now). This just in--I hate Elise right now because she makes me more and more say, "ELISE!" because of her awkward prodding towards this one thing that she KNOWS is going to take a LONG time. She also knows I'm SICK of being patient, so that's why she likes to make me feel brotes awk about my life. Thanks, Boo. You got a pretty good shout out, there. 
Channy and I were speaking today about how she has been having dreams about getting married every night. Since she doesn't blog about them, I will. They're pretty good and hilarious. We decided together that she's dreaming about getting married because she subconsciously wants (and deserves) to be swept off her feet (but the sweeping would hopefully happen while she's fully conscious, and not sub/unconscious because someone might get arrested for that). I agreed that I might also like that. And we decided that it probably shouldn't be just anyone, but we're getting tired of being patient, people. 
And: It is amazing to witness someone's process of getting married. And it's so lovely to see that everything one of them sees/experiences is illuminated by the other. Elise and I went to a wedding this weekend where this couple's entire relationship has consisted of this wonderful illumination. So great.

This is my new favorite picture that we've taken of Luna (our T-rex):