craaaazzzyyyy drrreeammmsss

by Ellen in

This is by Jason, it's called, "If It Kills Me." This may or may not be the story of all or part of my liiiiiiife.

So, last night I dreamed that I was on this lake. I'm not really sure how I was staying afloat, but I saw this strange looking boat ahead of me that looked like it was made out of hospital beds. There plants growing off the side of it, and it was very tall, like a tower/house in the water. The person in charge of this strange boat was frantic about something, and so I came over to ask him what it was. He pointed off in the distance and said, "I'm trying to get there. Ikea." Sure enough, above the trees, stood an Ikea store that had been built into those things that cranes are attached to. Sort of like this. It was SUPER tall, and as soon as I saw it, I also felt an unnatural pulling towards it. So I started fighting this guy (and other people now, too) for his boat to get to the Ikea crane, and after many struggles, I won. I got in the boat, turned it on, and the part I was on broke off and was a regular boat. It was apparently extra-special like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and as soon as I left the water, I could drive the boat on the road. The brakes weren't very good and I kept running into the other cars, and I had a great fear of being in a wreck, but none of the other cars seemed to mind that I was running into them. I finally reached the store, and it was like a staircase on the side of an apartment building in New York or somewhere. Kind of like this one in a photo that I took in San Antonio:

You know, like in the last scene of Pretty Woman? So, I climbed up them, and people were living in this store. There was a large blonde woman, who was an instigator for something. And John Ritter (the actor) was there, too. I immediately felt a need to protect him, especially when I realized that this community that lived in this strangely shaped Ikea store was brainwashed, like Stepford. I was on a mission to find this box at the very top of the building (which was very high) that had something in it, I can't remember what. A hat? A bowl? I wish I could remember what it was. It may have been a bowl. I was supposed to get past this scary large blonde woman to get it, and I finally did. It was hidden underneath something, and I found it, but I was on a ledge, and I couldn't get it to John Ritter. I wasn't afraid of heights, and I was obviously opposed to the way this community was living, because it seemed like everyone was after me.

Then I remember pretending to be brainwashed and baking a cake for someone's birthday. It was snowing, and the room we were in for the birthday party was made of glass windows. I remember trying to escape, but I couldn't, and I ended up falling into this weird courtyard, like I was in a cheap movie set.

Real life news: Elise and I FINALLY got tickets to see Wicked tomorrow night! I can't WAIT. It's going to be incredible.

Here are some things I'm effervescing with excitement about that happen over the next week and a half:

1. Wicked

2. RENT at Playhouse

3. Harry Potter #6!!!

4. Better than Ezra

Out of all my favorite things in all of life and the universe, these 4 make the top ten, and they are all close together. I don't know if I can handle it!

PS. We LOVE our new house and our new roommate. Will is the BEST. I am sad he's moving back to Atlanta at the end of this month. He's like the dad. We always pile into his car when we go anywhere, he knows how to fix EVERYTHING, and he loves to watch the news.