Hot Spot Fund.

by Ellen in

OK, so today, Heather sent me a link to this photo contest, and told me I should enter it. So, Elise and I are going to enter it, but we need some help picking out some photos of Luna and/or Winston and/or Zoe. If you click on the link, you can go look at the photos of previous winners, and see what you think. They must a: be of your animal. b: photographer=you. c: have some sort of artful quality. d: be awesome.

We're going to enter the Pets and People and Pets categories, and you can submit as many photos in each category as you want. Some of them are humorous, some are pensive, some are just so great. Oh...we also have to name all of our photos. I'm bad at this.

I feel like maybe only 3 people read this, so tell your friends. We'd love to know what you think: total winner, awesome, delete,

TOMS commercial.

Snow day

Luna sleeps.

All Fours.

Pensive? I was going for thoughtful.


Luna's stamp of approval.

A little nervous.

New Friends?




I want YOU.

Off into the sunset.

THIS way.

Dual hydration.

Best friends.

Learning some good tricks.

The world is her oyster.


Thanks! PS. We win $1000 if we are a grand prize winner. If we are a finalist, we win $500. That's pretty good, and it's all going to go into the "hot spot fund" ie the fund we have if Luna ever gets sick. spots. Her scratching has been very expensive.