craaaaazzzyyy dreammmsss

by Ellen in

I had this really weird dream that I was secretly Batman. I mean, I was a huge deal, and then I told someone, and we drove away in a Suburban.

Then I was living in New York City in this big flat with like 7 other people and no locks on the doors. In the back of our flat was this giant wood deck that backed up to a restaurant on some small body of water and had white Christmas lights everywhere. In this apartment where I lived, people were always coming and going and there were couches everywhere and we would sit on the deck stairs and listen to music and dance. It was also like 4 doors away from Urban Outfitters and this really weird souvenir store that I kept going into.

Real life: All of the things I was so excited have come and gone and all were incredible. Wicked=more amazing than I ever could have imagined. I can't wait to see it again someday. Harry #6=a tad disappointing, but fun nonetheless. Better Than Ezra=always entertaining and super fun. I also have super fun people to go with. RENT= so so so so well done at POTS. I love it every time I hear it or see it. I think it's beautiful. Totally raunch in real life, but lovely.

I am so ready for a new adventure. Preferably: with someone awesome.