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I LOVE to look up. Well, I also love to look down, but if I had to pick, I would definitely look up. I think the sky is God's greatest invention yet, no matter what time of day, the weather, or how I'm feeling. Clouds, sunsets, rain, the blue, the stars, the black. It is always amazing to me, and always different. No sky ever looks the same. And when we are as small as we are, it is a collage of trees, rooftops, flying machines, oceans, birdies, and astronauts. I think that before I was created (obvi) that God was most pleased with the sky. I think that was the first time He really felt like a Creator and said, "I'm awesome, and so is all of this blue and everything."

I was inspired by Jason's latest blog post to write this one, because as I was reading it, I said to myself, "I have WAY more pictures of the sky than he does. I should let him borrow some." And then I thought about the looking up. Looking up...to what? To the heavens? To space? To...? I see looking up as a half-full, half-empty sort of scenario. If you're looking up, you're open, like your body is an antenna, ready to transmit info, goodness, and optimism. The ground below is very interesting, too, and I've been known to totally miss what is going on around me because I love flowers, leaves, and other exciting things that fall from our hanging landscapes.
Well, isn't everything a metaphor? Yes.
Here are some things I've seen while looking up:
snowy trees on our one snow day this year.

an oculus in the Vatican:

elise and i were driving one day a couple weeks ago and caught a glimpse of this:

these are the mysterious columns at the Pantheon. they are Egyptian, bigger than anything else, and no one knows how they got to Rome, like many other things in Rome from Egypt:

a view of the River from the Metal Museum:

Kevin Griffin. At the last concert, we were directly beneath him, and it was awesome:
this happened downtown one day:

San Antonio apartments:

In Little Rock on the River. I call it "Nature vs. Industrialism" (get it?):

on the Siesta beach in Siesta Key, FL:


the attack of a much smaller luna:
i took this one about 7 years ago when i had this really awesome blue 35mm camera that looked like a fish:

Fall is my favorite time of year and colors:

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel:


In Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy (that clock was broken):

The ceiling of San Ignazio in Rome (one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen):

Oh look, here's Snevets flying through the sky:

My home away from home, DuBose:

Chicago, the city of shoulders:

Flying in a plane. I still count this as looking up because I WAS up (in the sky):

and the person who started it all:

What do YOU see when you look up?