crrraaaazzyyyy drrreaaammmsss

by Ellen in

you close your eyes
you say goodnight in your own special way
you rest your head and you rest your mind
and there you go
there you go so fast, so fast asleep
there you are without a care
when or where but there you are
I swear without a care where it is you lay
spiraling spaces tangled up in moments of touching time
trying to find some somewhere sleeping sideways
pockets full of nothing, head exploding from the mind
too much time for dancing in our hair
sister don't be shy between little you and I

Jason wrote this song for his cat.

First, I dreamed I was at a Redbirds game with my friend Joey, and apparently we were really well known because we were sitting in the first row behind home plate and all the players would talk to us. Then my friend Bryan was playing for them, and kept running the wrong way every time. My parents were sitting a couple rows behind us, and my friend Katie sat down next to Joey, and I introduced them for some reason, even though I knew they knew each other well because we all used to play volleyball together and she used to date a guy in his fraternity. Her hair was really blonde and she had on really red lipstick, but asked me if I lived in the house that had a party the night before. I said I didn't have a party, and then my dad piped up and said it was they who had the party. I turned around and gave my dad a crazy look, and Katie said, "Well, I was driving by this house that had a crazy party, and realized it was the house I grew up in." I thought it was amazing that my parents lived in the house where she grew up, but I was also confused because I knew someone else who also told me they grew up in 653.

After the game, Katie and I were at this house that was right next to the field, and it was this huge old Antebellum house. I had seen my friend Bryan there, and I hadn't talked to him in awhile, so I was waiting for him. While we were waiting, Katie and I rolled down these big grassy hills, and I sort of ran into my friend Bryan. Things were really awkward between us, and he kept giving me weird looks until this girl came up to him, told him how much she loved him, and threw up on the bottom of his pants. He was really pissed, but really tired, so I helped him clean his pants off, and he was finally nice to me.

Then I was riding my bike through a neighborhood by the U of M, and came across a house that was for sale. It was actually a Greek restaurant inside, so I went in to ask why they were closing. The owner said that business wasn't good, and they were closing in January, but I was secretly excited because I knew that Bono was going to buy this house and turn it into his Bono headquarters. Then, as I came out of the restaurant, I saw an old blue vintage bike parked next to mine. Someone had paid a lot of money for this bike, and as I turned the corner to get on my bike, there was Bono, who was dressed like his character in Across the Universe.
He said, "Let me help you, isn't this your bike?" and he unchained his blue fancy bike and rolled it towards me. I said, "No, I think that's YOUR bike, this is mine" and I pointed to mine. He said, "No, no, please just take mine" and he gave me his bike. Of course then we became the best of friends and I invited him to stay at my house, which was not my house in real life. He had these two kids with him, and I assumed they were his. They kept stopping along the way to me house to play really intense games that would challenge their minds because they couldn't go to school because they were Bono's kids and they would get bombarded every day. We got my house, and I was giving them the tour of the rooms. Every room was a different color, and all of them had a weird knickknack to characterize them. One of the rooms had green palm trees where the palms looked like green bananas, so I called it the "Banana Palm Tree Room." Bono and his kids did not seem surprised by the strangeness of my house, and I told them to make themselves at home and have anything they liked. I remember that Bono took me seriously and drank out of a dirty glass that was in the sink.

The end.