it's probably because we're in collierville.

by Ellen in

There have been no craaaazzzyyy dreeaammmsss lately, but stayed tuned for one from a guest blogger in a minute. She's sitting next to me writing it and about to e-mail it to me.

*****so last night i had an evening horse (translation- night mare for you uneducated folk).

It started off in this skyscraper on one of the highest floors, and, because, in my dream i knew i had had this dream before, i knew that tornadoes were on their way and were heading right for our building. i was standing with jackie (my college roomie and bff) and i told her what was gonna happen. BUT it was one of those dreams where you cant move away so we watched this tornado coming at the building. Instead of hitting us it hit about 10 rooms to the left. For some reason this wasnt the kind of tornado that destroys everything- it was more like a drill tornado that just cut out a part of the building.

so jackie and i run toward the main area of the building (it had like the open middle kinda thing going on) and we saw that the tornado had messed up the elevators. NOW- the elevator was more like a roller coaster car that drove around the building. the tornado struck elevator car was hanging off a balcony. so jackie and i hop in one to get away from everything and our elevator car starts dropping and skitzing out!!!!! i realize at this point that im sitting on my leg and if i dont get it out from under me, its gonna break when we crash.

this is the point that i wake up to find my leg sticking off the bed. and then go back to sleep.

next i find myself running out of the same building and i see this huge flood coming down the street- it washed this light pink 80s bmw into a fire hydrant. out steps Jen from Dawson's creek and shes holding this six wiggly things that are stacked on each other (3 in each column- get it?). I look closer to see what they are, and they are giant teeth that are wiggling. they each have a different brightly colored tops on them and i wondered what was in them. WELL, when Jen and i got to the diner on the corner, she opened one up and there were different kinds of butter in them. beef butter, chicken butter, maple butter.... weird.

the end. *****

That's a lie. I had a weird dream about Justin Timberlake. I also had a weird dream that Sam's brother Pete had a heart attack in Florida, and Jackie and Elise were driving us there when we stopped at a Steak and Shake. We were wearing winter clothes and then Elise and Jackie left us.

Real life things: Elise, Kitty, and I went to COLLIERVILLE on Saturday. I mean, when you're from midtown, it's always like going to another state. You either have to decide a long time in advance to go or make a spur-of-the-moment decision to go, hop in the car and just GO. Well, Kitty and Elise decided to go ahead of time, and I tagged along for the adventure. We ate at the Silver Caboose and had delicious vegetables. Whenever something was a little out of the ordinary (anything from the waiter's weird comments to the "man" of Sheffield's, Steve) we all looked at each other and said, "It's probably because we're in Collierville." We went to Sheffield's Antique Mall, and it was AWESOME. Elise found an awesome mirror, I found a cool bracelet, and Kitty found lots of cool animal printed things she liked. We almost broke a Chaise Lounge, and looked a lots of headboards...speaking of headboards, Elise made up her mind to make one, and it's FANTASTIC.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, my first DIY blog. I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm very proud of Boo, especially because she has less balance and strength than she's used to.

today- i built a headboard.
step one: buy fabric and batting. note- picking fabric is hard because you dont want anything fugly. note- picking batting is hard because there are way more kinds than anyone ever expected.
step two: buy wood, screws, and nuts and bolts. note: its way easier to get what you want at home depot if you play the "im a cute girl and dont know anything about building stuff"
step three: bring it all home. note-
luna can make this part tricky.
step four: cut the batting and fabric so that its the right size of your head board. note- do not leave pieces of cut-off batting on the floor. luna will eat them.
step five: staple GUN the batting and fabric to the bottom of the board. note- using the staple GUN is fun.
step six: duck tape the one by fours to the board so that they are in the right place when you screw them in. note- ellen is really good at this.
step seven: screw in the screws
so that the one by four is attached to the board. note: this is tricky. it requires skill and muscle power. which i have.

step eight: staple GUN the other sides of the batting and fabric to the board. note: this is still really fun.
step nine: attach to bed frame with nuts and bolts. note: it is best to have a strong man around to use the wrench and make sure they are secure.

step ten: admire and enjoy.

thanks to ellen and jackie who helped make this dream a reality. ellen has superior drilling skills and jackie is flawless with the scissors. also, thanks to ellen for the photo documentary and to jackie
for making a bad-A key lime pie that helped us make it through the afternoon.