Second DIY post, oh my!

by Ellen in

I really love to read other people's do-it-yourself blogs. I don't feel that I really have a lot of things that are considered "DIY", but Elise and I like to get ideas from lots of people. Martha is really good at DIY, and we also have been loving Young House Love. There are so many great ways to do (and re-do) projects/rooms in your house cheaply and creatively. Most of my projects are on a very small scale, like drawer pulls, outlet/lightswitch covers, and I'm good at hanging art. Speaking of lightswitch/outlet covers, I couldn't find any I liked that I wanted to pay for, so I made my own:

There are lots of things we would like to do to our house that will update/give it a touch of our own style. Two issues, though: we don't own this house, and Elise and I have very different styles. We can usually come to a common understanding on color palette, where things should go, and what looks good. But we LOVE this house; it is beautiful, and Will has really done some cool things to spruce it up. Come over anytime, I'll show you the bathroom. All of the things we are hoping to accomplish can be removed or changed at any point when Will decides to sell the house. If he likes it, it stays. Some things we want to do:

1. re-do the mudroom with cubbies, hooks, shelves, and this color palette (or one similar.) The last lightswitch cover goes in that room.
2. Make the light fixture in the dining room prettier.
3. After Will moves his furniture out, we'll need to get new things. They probably won't actually BE new, because Elise and I really loved Sheffield's, and it seems there are a lot more trips there in our future. We'll need a coffee table, a couch, end tables, all kinds of goodies.

3 is enough for now. We wouldn't want to get ahead of ourselves.

I also made a headboard today; this has become a very popular project to tackle, and I fully support all fellow headboard-makers. It's really fun! I told Elise today that I was glad she did it first so I knew exactly what to do. It only took me a couple of hours=not too bad. I searched and searched for fabric that would go on my headboard, but like the lightswitch cover dilemma, I couldn't find any I liked enough to wake up to every day (I guess it's a lot like picking a husband. You don't want to wake up to something you'll get sick of pretty quick). So...I got chocolate brown burlap. It's textured, cheap, and I can stencil a design on it later if I want. Here is the finished product:
I love my duvet cover from Anthropologie, and my awesome dust ruffle from the Pottery Barn Outlet. My bed is a really good example of how much I'm NOT into matching.
Somebody else thought my bed looked comfy, too, and she wanted to be the first one to try out the new headboard, and made herself right at home:

It's hard to believe she started out so small on the very same duvet cover.

I mean, she might as well be a model. She's modeled for TOMS,
Anthro (seen above obvi),Pottery Barn, Target, and numerous Pet supply companies. I think we should start getting compensated for all of the advertising she does, because let's face it, she makes everything look good.

Somehow, every post turns into something about Luna. Oh, goodness.