Thrift Store Week: Day 1.

by Ellen in

Yesterday, I went to various thrift stores around Memphis, and founds LOTS of delectable treasures. So today I wore my favorite purchase. Please excuse the terrible modeling. I don't like having my picture taken, so I am as awkward as possible. I would MUCH rather be behind the camera, but I just had to share all the gems I uncovered. And I only spent about $30 on all the goodies I got. Here's the first, and probably my new favorite Fall shirt. I'm pretty sure someone made this top because there is no tag and no washing directions. Don't worry, I washed and dried it last night and it is fine. The purse I got with the tags still on it. I bought the very same one in blue 5 years ago in Florida with my friends and it was like $50+ then. Here we go (and thanks to Elise for the fantastic photography):

I also wore this shirt belted today to give it more shape. I used this braided belty thing from American Apparel:

Shirt: $3.98 from the Thrift store on Park and Getwell
Purse: $2.98 from the same store

On Saturday, I got this really awesome table from the Goodwill in Bartlett. It was $25 and I'm going to paint it. Elise got mad at me because I didn't take a "before" picture, but here it is in the middle stages:

Snevets makes everything look really great. Unlike me, he's a GREAT model.

PS. Martha told me it was OK to blog about things I get at the thrift store. She's more in-the-know with the "blogosphere," so I figured she knew best.

PPS. I'm always having trouble with the word "blog". A few minutes ago, I walked in the door and Elise said proudly, "I blogged again today!" Then I sat down on the couch and said, "I think I'm about to blog." It sounds like some weird bodily function that you can be both proud and embarrassed about.

Oh, and here's this awesome picture of Luna from today: