craazzzzyyyy dreeaammmss

by Ellen in

So, I dreamed that I was at this really important meeting, and they wouldn't let me go. Like, it was so important that they were going to kill me if I left. It was at some retreat center, and I kept trying to get away. Finally, I did, and I hid in this room with some other people I had escaped with. It was like some sort of break room, and I ended up talking with George about Children's Chapel music. THEN Justin Timberlake walks in, sits down, and starts eating Taco Bell. I of course, was freaking out, and started saying weird things like, "yeah, in children's chapel, we should totally be singing more things like SexyBack and Rock Your Body." And then I would dance around. Justin was somehow impressed and he thought I was hilarious and it was great.

I also dreamed that Will owned another house, and asked us if we wanted to move into it. It was just a couple of blocks away from our house we have now. It was this huge house that was only one story tall, and it had this front porch that was white and had ironwork to enclose it. Then we went inside and the entire house was shag carpet and wood paneling. It was horrible. We went into the living room, and one wall was made of a giant window that looked out into the backyard, which was like a jungle. It had a pool, and that was neat. I went to sit on the couch, and Will said, "don't sit! this place is FULL of washybugs!" and I looked at him strangely, not knowing what the heck he was talking about, but gave him the benefit of the doubt because he's Will and sometimes he has names for things that he doesn't know the real name of. Anyway, the people who lived in the house had a lot of dogs and electronics.

In real life, if you missed this, I'm very sorry. Besides the season of Lent, October is my favorite time at Calvary because the Fabric Sculpture is hanging in the nave. It gives the space a totally different feel, and it is altogether lovely. It was created in 1989 by artist David Johnson and represents the millions of people affected by HIV/AIDS, those who work to treat it, and those who have died from it.