Thrift Store Week: Day 3.

by Ellen in ,

This is my favorite outfit so far. The skirt is awesome and the little sweater vest I got is from like 1974. Again, Elise wasn't here to take my picture, so I'm still awkward. That's ok. Here we are:

Yay for spinning!
Skirt: $4.98
Vest: $2.93

Today, I got to go to the Pink Palace Crafts Fair, my favorite thing about Fall in Memphis. I picked up a few little things that I wanted to share:

This is a piece from folk artist Morris Johnson. I already have a print by him, and it's really neat. I asked him if he actually had a yellow dog, and he said yes and that his name was Spike. I told him that I also had a yellow dog and her name is Luna. When I told Elise, she reminded me that one time, she was in the Cupboard parking lot with Luna in the car, and uncreepy guy came up to her and said, "Is your dog's name Spike?" to which she replied, "No, it's Luna," and he said, "Oh, well, it looks like it should be Spike." So, this reminded me of Luna/Spike. I think you can really see the similarities.

I also got this from a local artist named Pam Davis. I talked to her for a while, and she is really great. These pears are the last in a series she did, and there were no other that looked anything like it, so naturally, I got it.

I also got this from a really creative artist named Sandra Russell. She pushes emulsion around in SX-70 Polaroid film so they look like oil paintings. S'real neat. I have some other things by her, and I love the photos she does of FiestaWare. I already have one Fiesta Dancer, so I had to get this one to keep the other one company, and I think they go very well together.

This weekend, I'm off to our Parish Retreat at Camp McDowell in Nauvoo, AL. Adios!