ccrrraaaazzzyyy dreeeammss

by Ellen in

I seem to have really weird dreams when I'm staying at my dad's, so maybe some of these will be goodies.

So last night, I dreamed that I was at a wedding or reunion of some sort, I'm not sure, because lots of my SMS friends were there. It was at this indoor amphitheater (an oxymoron, right?), and people were running around and singing and having a grand ole time. THEN this boy that I have a crush on in real life (we'll call him Thursday) was there, and he sat down next to me on the very top bench of the amphitheater. I had remembered seeing him before, running around with everyone else, but every time I saw him, he had on a different pair of glasses. The glasses he was wearing now had big black frames, but he looked really good in them because well, he just looks really good. We talked for a long time, I'm not sure about what, because when we got up, we were definitely in love and going to spend the rest of our lives together (duh). I kept resting my head on his shoulder every time we sat down somewhere, and I feel like that is weird. THEN we were in an airport, waiting for everyone to get on their planes, and all of a sudden, I was sitting on this bench with Thursday and as I'm resting my head on his shoulder, I realize that it's not this man I'm totally into, but it's my good friend Alex. It didn't really bother me that it was no longer Thursday, and I just figured that Alex and I were boyfriend and girlfriend. Then I started to think about it more, about how he was a camper when I was a counselor and how he is definitely not 21 yet (today is his 20th birthday) and how I would be in BIG trouble if anyone knew. It was terrifying and I would never do this in real life (sorry, Ahoel, you know what I mean). Then we started to have this awkward conversation about how he would have to be my secret boyfriend and we couldn't tell anyone about it. We were both bummed, but then we saw this man about throw his puppy from a balcony at the airport. I ran up flights and flights of stairs to talk the man out of it while Alex stayed below to catch the pup. It was very intense, and I lost the fight, and the man pushed his little puppy between two bars and off the balcony. Good thing Alex was there to catch it.

THEN, some time passed, and I was going to on a covert mission to visit my dear little Alex. I enlisted the help of my sister and her husband, and we drove to this very remote place on a college campus. It was this weird outdoors store where he worked and it sold very strange things like beds with sheets sewn onto them so you don't have to worry about making your bed. And the man he worked for was very nice and gave us discounts and then we left. But Ahoel and I were in super hot love and it was so much fun, goooo Ahoel!