ccrrraaaazzzyyyy ddreeeaaaaammsssss

by Ellen in

So last night I dreamed that Jessie and I had gone together to some sort of outdoor Barbeque Fest or something. We were sitting at a table in this outdoor bar, and we see this really cute boy at the bar. I mean, he was super cute; he had this really dark good hair and his skin was sort of olive and he had really white sparkly teeth and really hot man glasses. He was wearing a Navy blue shirt, so we made up a name for him that had to do with the color Navy blue because we're weird and we were giggling over how cute he was. Then, a few minutes later, a waitress brought us two glasses filled with rice and some sort of alcohol, not really sure. It looked pretty gross, but we were excited because she said they were from the boy in the Navy blue shirt. So, we looked over at the bar, but didn't see him and we were a little sad. Then we started talking about how cute he was, and then I turned around to look for him again, and he was sitting like 3 feet behind me, but wearing a different shirt. This shirt was Navy blue and light pink striped. He was so super cute, and I remember feeling really embarrassed about all the things I was saying about him because he probably heard me. Then I turned around to talk to Jessie again and she was gone. I was a little freaked out, but then this really cute boy got up and sat down in Jessie's seat. He told me that we were on a date now, and that I should talk about myself. And boy, did I talk about myself. I talked and talked and talked and talked about myself, and he just listened. Sometimes I would look at him be struck by how handsome he was, then at other times, I would wonder why I was talking to him because he was so unattractive. Then somehow we ended up alone together at the Mud Island Amphitheatre and were running down all the seats and bleachers and everything. I felt really intimidated by him and wondered the whole time why he liked me, especially since all I'd done since we met was talk about myself. It was very strange.