craaaazzzyyyy drrreeammmsss

by Ellen in

First, I just want to say that I'm SOOO excited for Winterfest! This is a photo our family group took last year:

SO, I basically had the greatest dreams ever last night.

I dreamed that I had gotten this invitation by this lawyer I know to a party at MLGW and it told me to bring my swimsuit. I think that's weird because the invitation describes that MLGW has had the biggest gas leak in the history of the world and there's all this gas everywhere, like water. So I get there, not thinking about the hazards and hoping no one lights a cigarette, and there are these HUGE water slides like there would be at a water park. There were signs everywhere describing the situation, and how the biggest water slides ever were built for this occasion of sliding into gasoline. Awesome. I'm totally excited, especially when I have spotted all of Thursdays friends and Thursday himself. We are good friends in my dream, and he's going to gas-slide with me. Woohoo! We start at the top of this HUGE deck, and we slide down, and I overshoot the pool of gasoline I'm supposed to land in and get stuck under this weird net. I find my way out, and I'm on to the next slide, keeping in mind that gasoline is very slippery.

Then, there really is a party at night, and it's more like a luau. There's a band and some tiki torches (probably a bad idea) and a bar and it's really fun. Thursday and I are hanging out, and we are being silly dancing together, and then all of a sudden it's not silly anymore because now we're in love. I also remember this weird occurrence that there were 2 of him, and I was going to pick the one who liked me more, and the other one's name sounded very similar to Thursday's name. Anyway, the other one has disappeared and we are having a lovely time dancing and making fun of other people being a little slutty, glad that it's not us.

THEN, and this is the weird part: we are running up these ladders into a house, because people are shooting at us. They are shooting at us because we're VAMPIRES (yessss!), and they are the bad vampires (who can fly) and we're the good guys. But these guys have special guns that if they shoot you five times, you die (because everyone knows that the only way to kill a vampire is to have another vamp or a werewolf rip its body apart and burn it). My weapon was a hammer. What? What kind of vampire has a hammer for a weapon? Thursday was trying to protect me from being shot 5 times, because he told me that they were after me. Not sure why, considering I had chosen a hammer as my defense mechanism. I can't remember what happened after that...

Real life note: saw New Moon yesterday. That could probably explain the vamps.

Also: went speed dating. Well, really for me, speed friending. More on that later.