crrraazzzyyyy dddrrreeaaammmsss

by Ellen in ,

So, I dreamed that Elise, Luna, and I were going to take a vacation to Bermuda. Luna was just a little pup, and we were so proud of ourselves because we found a box the exact size of her crate to put her in so we could travel. We landed, went to our hotel, which had very strange elevators, and went to the beach. It was sunny and beautiful, and Luna was very happy playing in the sand. All 3 of us got into the water, and a few minutes later, the sky darkened, and I looked up and there was a tornado on the water coming right at us. So we put Luna in her box, ran inside, and got stuck in the elevator. My shoe was stuck in between the door and the edge of the elevator, and it was very strange.

I knew I should have written this down as soon as I woke up, because now I've forgotten what happens next.

I am just not remembering my dreams as well as I used to. I go through phases of this: I remember all of them really well for a while, and then I don't.

But I CAN tell you of an almost-dreamlike experience I had a couple of weeks ago. I mean, it's not as weird as one of my dreams, but it was prettttty neat-o. This is what we did:

We got to feed/pet/love on the giraffes at the zoo! They are such kind, gentle, beautiful creatures. They don't care about you unless you have a banana in your hand. They have the hardest kick in the animal kingdom, they just never use it. They only have one predator: the crocodile. When they stick their heads in the water to drink their 10 gallons, they become prey to a mean crocodile bite on the neck. But they are majestic and wonderful and soft and smiley.

It was such a magical day. These animals are 17 feet tall, beautifully patterned with an 18-inch long tongue and a 10 ft esophagus. They wrap their tongues around branches to pull the leaves off. They spit a lot. They are so different from me, yet we were made by the same Creator and we live and breathe and eat and move around, but they ways we do those things are drastically different. It really is amazing to me to understand that I'm a part of this creation, because surely God thinks that giraffes were pretty good work (I mean, look at them!). And God thinks that giraffes are pretty good work, then I wonder what God must think of me...and you...