dear running,

by Ellen in



PS. I've decided to imitate Elise with this one. Today, I went for the most spectacular run in Overton Park. I started out aching, sleepy from being woken up earlier than I had wanted, and obviously not in the greatest frame of mind to be running at all. I had planned to just do a quick 3 and be done, but somehow ended up with...8ish...? At about half a mile in, I felt strong, powerful, and totally at ease, and it didn't stop. It felt fantastic...I fell into a pace that my body really liked, and it was the most beautiful morning...about 49 degrees, sun shining through the trees, and pretty, fresh orange and red maple leaves scattered among the already dead ones. It was juuuusssttt perrrfect. I REALLY started to feel GREAT when I started listening to certain songs...but I'm really into "We Could Run Away" by needtobreathe and "Your Ex-Lover is Dead" by Stars. Sounds a little emo, but it's got a great beat and it has this one line that repeats as the music gets faster: "Get through this, and you won't look back." It makes me want to run faster or harder for some reason, because it's not only true with running, but with life. OOooo.

I owe most of the good feelings to Elise because she made me lift weights and do lunges (ugh) on Monday. I hate doing both things, and my body isn't used to them, so after a couple days of recovery, I felt really strong. It was the fun kind of pain, so I'll probably do it a lot more.

I've noticed a lot of changes with my body since I started running. It's taken awhile, and I'm glad I've stuck with it. I have more energy, I want to wake up in the morning, and I just feel better about my body. Elise was reading to me the other day that running is the quickest form of weight loss for women, and as I have not discovered that to be true, I like that my legs feel used and strong. I'm an athlete; I have been my whole life. It was killing me that I was getting mushy. That's why I started running: to turn the mush back into muscles. When I exercise, I don't lose weight, I beef up, it doesn't matter what I do, it's how my body responds. BUT I don't have cellulite in my legs anymore, I noticed the other day. If you want that grossness to go away, RUN, don't get lipo, ladies. It plagues us all, don't pretend it doesn't. It makes you feel GREAT to get a few miles accomplished, and even if it hurts, don't give up, because it's worth it.

Running, here's to the beginning of a beautiful lifetime together.

I love the Fall (and Looney)

And Thanksgiving. I cooked a whole dinner for Mom and me and it was delicious. I was very proud of myself. I'll put pictures up later.