the bean.

by Ellen in

So, I think I'll be adding another subject to my blog repertoire. And now that my entire family FINALLY knows, I can tell the 2 people that read this blog (and they already know): I'm going to be Auntie Ellen to a REAL human child!!!!!!

'Tis true, my sister is preggers. For months and months, it had been my first comment whenever sister said, "I have something to tell you." I would promptly and enthusiastically respond "YOU'RE PREGO!" and she would roll her eyes (like only she can) and give me her best and most patronizing, "Um, NO." So a while, I stopped, because it was getting old, and I was tired of getting my hopes up. ALSO because it was probably really annoying to sister and husband. So, whenever she said it, I tried my darndest not to say it. SO 3 weeks ago when she said, "Can you put another date on your calendar to come here?" (She lives far away from me, and I'm Zoe-sitting for a weekend while they go to a wedding.) I hesitantly said, "Suuuurre..." wondering if it was possible to get another Sunday off. Then, during the height of suspension, brother-in-law leans into the phone and says, "Claire's pregnant." Since we had joked about it SO much, and he is really good at making fun of me, I thought it was a joke. I desperately wanted it to be true, so I spent a few minutes saying, "nuh uh" to the reply, "yuh huh!" and we did that for a little bit before I finally squished myself into a corner of Elise's dad's foyer. I do REAL weird things when I'm super excited.

I mean, I'm so very happy to be an auntie, but I'm even MORE thrilled for my sister and brother-in-law. Claire pretty much raised me, and the greatest thing about her is mothering instinct. I feel like mothering is a weird adjective, because it makes her sound old and matronly, but she is far from both. She is selfless, conscientious, giving, thoughtful, and just every great thing you could ever imagine in the greatest mom ever. She has always been this way, and it's her best quality. Don't worry, I can think of a few bad ones, too. She IS my older sister and FAR from perfect. But I think it makes her well-rounded. Anyway, being a mom is what God made her for, because for all the bad mothers out there, she'll make up for them a hundredfold. And then there's Craig. He's smart, funny, loving, and protective. Both are fantastic teachers (and coaches) and fantastic people. I'm so excited for them and our families.

Right now, I'm calling the baby the Bean. Right now, the Bean is the size of a blueberry. Very small, but has a strong heartbeat. The Bean has also made me think really weird thoughts. For example, this is how a text convo with my sister went last night:

Claire: It's totally snowing here!
Ellen: Are you kidding? It is totally not snowing here. Just cold.
Claire: blizzard sticking to the cars!
Ellen: Luckyyy. I bet the Bean likes it!
Claire: The Bean is full of hibachi grill and freezing!
Ellen: I bet the bean doesn't get very cold, and probably likes to watch the snow through your bellybutton.
Claire: That's weird. The Bean doesn't have eyeballs yet.
Ellen: Well, when the Bean gets them, your bellybutton will be like a peephole.
Claire: That's a little weird.
Ellen: No, the Bean will think it is fun to spy.
Claire: Probably so.

So, I've been looking at all things baby. Online, at Target, at Potterybarn, EVERYWHERE. I'm obsessed. Little Beanie Bowman is going to be SO spoiled. So this is what I'm adding to this blog: cute baby things I find that I think the Bean will love. I can't WAIT for this baby. OH, and it's awesome that Claire's due date is right in the middle of a mission trip to New Orleans we just planned. That baby better be early.