i already love the bean.

by Ellen in

So, I saw these birth announcements today on YoungHouseLove's blog, and I think this is sweet, classic, and NOT cheesy.

This is probably my favorite thing so far, though:
flying pigs by eleni creative.

Of course I love the flying pigs, but Eleni Creative makes all of these beautiful and clever mobiles and animals. They are just lovely.

And I can't forget these amazing things that little Marth does, because she's so awesome and creative. B for Bean (or Bowman), duh. Her etsy shop is SO cute. She is so cool. Just a heads up, Marth, I'll probably be asking for a lot of cute baby things.
baby monogram cloth diaper burp cloth

I love all these sweet things for little people. There are so many. I can't stand cheesy, commercial, ridiculous things. I'm all about things that have special meaning and a personal touch. I think the Bean would love all of the above.