still obsessed with the Bean.

by Ellen in

So, I have found some more things the Bean will love. I found this one website, Modern Dose, which has all sort of cute decorating items, and some for babies, too.

How cute is this clock??

And these pillows? I want them for myself!

And then, holy moly, this cloud shelf, complete with the Giving Tree and an Uglydoll (the Bean is going to acquire many of these. Mostly from me, because they are soft and so ugly they are cute). I could probably dedicate an entire blog post to the Uglydoll. They are wonderful.

Then, as I was browsing Anthropologie (as I so often do), I saw that they have things for kids, too. And since it's Anthro, it's bound to be beautiful (and expensive). But I saw this baby book, and knew it would be the Bean's first gift from his/her favorite Auntie. It is artsy, clever, and so precious. It has pockets for first teeth and first locks of hair, and photos and just everything. It's precious.
And I just thought this was cute, too, to keep the Bean's little head warm in the wintertime. It's called "Lil Pup Hat." I know, how can you resist?

And ps. Last night I dreamed I was a teacher in Japan, and there were all these closets full of desk tops (like tops to school desks) that the students could draw on. I remember this giant one, I mean GIANT, like 20 feet big, that had this enormous drawing of a dinosaur with mountains and a river in the background. Then somehow I ended up in a bathroom without a hook for my purse and I was REALLY frustrated that I would have to put it on the floor of a bathroom.