14 steps to the best birthday EVER.

by Ellen in

So, thanks to Elise (let's face it: if she were taller and oh, a man, I'd marry her), I felt like the most special girl in all the world. 24 was the most fun party for not only me, but everyone involved.

Instructions on how to have the best birthday party ever:

1. Let's hope you have the most hilarious, creative, silly best friend in the world. If you don't have one, I'll let you borrow mine (but only on a trial basis).

Kitty and Boo:
2. Dress up in 80s gear, and have no idea where you're going.

Helloooo, Chan! They didn't have cell phones in the 80s.
3. Don't fight when your friends tie tube socks around your eyes (and put
you in the back seat of car next to a very handsome individual).

4. Stick your nose out the window on the way there. When you're blindfolded, you have to use your other senses.

5. Laugh/get nervous when they make up places we're going.

6. Feel the car park, find your glasses, take off your tube-socks blindfold, and behold: CORDOVA (SK)ATING CENTER. (The s and k were out on the sign.)

7. Laugh some more when someone actually mentioned this as an option in the car.

8. Skip the 429o57902 people in line (what?) and go in for the birthday party. You even get your own room with pitchers of Sprite AND Coke, and cups and birthday plates!

9. Get your skates. Duh.

10. SKATE!

11. Take pictures:
Jennifer actually might have worn this in the 80s, yet she found all of these clothes on the current racks at Target.

Party room!
Jon'than was brave enough to wear clothes that Elise and Chan picked out for him at the store. Not pictured: his black jorts.

Yayyyy Rachel!
Brelly and Loye came, too! That's Jesus on Brian's shirt.
(Almost) everyone!
12. RACE!

Here's Marth, rarin' to go. Her hubs used to work at the Oxford skating rink, so he could do tricks. Therefore, by association, so could she.
13. Go to Chan's and do other silly things.

Like, climb on Chan's window and give court square a good show.
Or pull-ups:
If having a great party, you should also invite your BFF from college, Joey.
14. Go to Raiford's and dance to music that matches your clothes. That was fun.

Thanks, Boo, for making this the BBE (Best Birthday Ever)!

I also owe a certain attorney a sincere and profound amount of thanks. Not for any legal help, but just because he's awesome. Graham, I owe you big time.