by Ellen in ,

I think 24 is going to be a good age, and it will certainly beat 23. Although there were some really wonderful things about 23. Here is the one that really sticks out in my mind:

One word--Luna.

When Elise and I are old, and we still have pictures of Luna in our separate houses, (who knows how far away from each other. I don't even want to think about it) people will ask us, "When did you get this sweet precious angel puppy?" And I'll think fondly of the time when I helped Elise raise this puppy, and misty-eyed, say, "When I was 23." Because who knows how outdated these photos will look, and 2009 will seem like forever ago. But the best memories from 23 have a common denominator: Luna. Of course, there is no Luna without Elise, so she's there, too. Here's our last photo together of 2009. Sorry I'm poking your eye out with my glasses, Boo. They're hard to control sometimes. Here is what has happened so far for 24, and it's giving me a great mindset and feeling of belovedness. Well, last night wasn't so good for our Tigers, but I think it's because no one told them it was my birthday the next day, so they had a little less motivation. A snapshot from last night. It was packed:

Lost by 5. Pierre dislocated his finger. Angel Garcia looked uglier than usual. Horrible.
First, I woke up to a note form Luna on the bathroom mirror...on my car window...and on the doors going into work! No telling how many people saw it and marveled at her beauty before I did. Everyone thought it was hilarious, and I'm still not sure when Luna learned to type, print, drive, AND tape things to other things. There was also one on the salad bar at lunch, and then on my computer when I went back to my desk. She's a sneaky little booger.
And then Heather walked in with this:
From "Ollie"/ Hayley the Hilarious. It's self-explanatory.

And then I got these from a secret admirer. Just kidding, they were from my mom. They are beautiful!
And Heather and Ed got me a pedometer so I can track my mileage when I run! I'm so excited about it, I can't even tell you. Very thoughtful, those two.

I have felt very loved and special today, and it always feels like I don't deserve it. Well, I don't. But I'm so grateful for all the little and big things, and I have a peaceful, excited feeling about 24. I like even numbers. But if today is any indication for what the rest of 24 holds, it will be full of great food, wonderful friends, silly things that Luna does, love, flowers, and exercise. Woohoo!