Elvis is 75 today

by Ellen in ,

The title has nothing to do with this post, but as I write this, it is Elvis' birthday, and he's 75. I use the present tense because we all know he's not really dead. I believe he actually lives here, and was kidnapped by the owner of this house as part of the biggest conspiracy theory the world has ever known. Paul McLeod doesn't let anyone go upstairs just because that's what Elvis did. It's because Elvis really lives upstairs at Graceland, Too.

There are a few things I'd like to mention:
1. I feel like I missed Christmas.
2. But not really, because it was still very wonderful.
3. Winterfest was awesome.
4. It's almost Luna's and my birthdays!
5. I can't believe it's less than 5 weeks till Lent. Oh the joys of working for a church!

Ok, first: For some reason, I tend to get the sickest on major holidays. I don't normally get sick, but when I do, it's BAD. Like, spending 5 hours in the ER vomming on Christmas Eve. First they gave me something for my migraine, then when that didn't work, they gave me and IV of Dilaudid, the greatest drug ever. I was also informed by the very kind nurses that it was appropriate that I was receiving this drug on Christmas Eve, because it's made out of myrrh. Neat!

Then: I slept for about 12 hours and woke up feeling disgusting, but it was Christmas and I was excited to go over to Sam's house for breakfast and the shooting of the marshmallows. We had so much fun and saw Sherlock Holmes, then made our way to the Duggers, where we had even more fun. Then I hung out with my mom and went home. It was a lovely day full of families that weren't mine but might as well have been. Love!

Third: Winterfest. Full of worship, friendship, discovering God's call for us, prayer, and joy. I mean, the whole week was FULL of joy. I loved watching the kids get a new vocabulary for how they live their lives, and how they speak God's language of love...toward each other, and most importantly... to themselves. I thought the theme was really meaningful, and it really hit home with me, in determining my next step in life. I was glad to be able to listen well to the call that I have already heard God making for me, and it really is astounding what a good clear listen can help with. I see glimpses of light where God is opening windows and doors, showing me the way. I'm not totally sure what the next step is actually going to look like, but I feel like I know where to start. And I'm trusting God to continually show me what's up, as long as I do the work. I've never been more scared or more sure about something, and I feel like God has given me lots of peace and people in my life to affirm. It's exciting, but terrifying. Thanks, God, you're the best.

4: Luna's birthday is tomorrow and she'll be ONE! What a sweet big girl. Elise got her a cake, and it's soooo cute! She has been getting lots of rest today so she can be ready for tomorrow. Then it's my birthday on the 21st. I'll be 24 and SO glad to finally be an even number again! 23 has been an OK year, but not on the top of my list. But probably somewhere between 11 and 17. I really am not a big fan of the odd-numbered years.

V: I love Lent every year, and it's my favorite time of year to work at Calvary. So many great preachers, words, and so much to soak it. It usually takes me a good while to process what I've learned about God after it. But what a fun way to celebrate Easter: learning about God!

Here are some of my favorite photos from Winterfest: