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by Ellen in ,

So...one of my small joys is reading the blogs of professional photographers. I like to see what other people do, their techniques, their explanations, their interactions with their clients. There is this one husband/wife photography team that I think is really good at what they do. They are Sarah and Chris Rhoads, and she is Sarah Rhoads Photography. I think she does some really amazing work, and when I read her blog today, it reaffirmed what I love most about photos. I think Sarah's words are really lovely and definitive of what creating art really is for most people, whether they admit it to themselves or not.

For most of these two paragraphs, I felt like she took some thoughts right out of my head and wrote them down better than I could. So I'm glad it was she and not I. Here is what she wrote:

I am a photographer because this is what I feel that I was created for. It is what I know I was put on this planet to do. I believe that each of us has a unique purpose... some just may not be aware of their purpose yet. But we all have one. Me? I was born to create. There are three things that I have always known about myself. Number one: I love people, number two: I love to create and tell stories, and number three: I am a big dreamer; a hopeless romantic who wants to change the world :).

Photography is the perfect marriage of my strengths, talents and passions; making the camera an obvious means to an end for me. I do not love my camera. Rather, I love the way it allows me to connect with people. I love the freedom it gives me to peek into the intimate and personal places of peoples hearts and the way it opens doors and tears down walls, but most of all, I love the way it makes me feel weightless... as if I am connecting with something much bigger and much greater than myself.

This weekend, I went to see Claire and Craig, and it was funny. Here are some photos Claire WON'T put on her blog, but I will. The father of my future niece or nephew is hilarious and does really funny things, which means the Bean will be JUST fine.
This is Zoe being an angel. She is my second favorite puppy.

I think Greg was trying to fix Claire's heated mattress pad that she can't use while she's preggers. I'm not exactly sure what he was doing.

And, last but not least, Greg's greatest accomplishment thus far: he's preggers, too!