craaaazzzyyyy drrreeammmsss

by Ellen in

OK, so last night (well, this morning), I had a really weird dream.

I dreamed that I was still in college, and lived near school... in the area from where we just moved. It wasn't the same house, and Jackie lived with us, because it was her house. Anyway, I dreamed that I was coming home from school, and there were lots of people crowded around the was on fire. Great. So by the time I get there, it had stopped, and I went in, and there were some holes in the roof and my room was destroyed except for all the furniture. It was like half-burned, and half disappeared. So I was really afraid to tell Jackie, so I told Elise instead, and she and Jackie still lived there anyway, even though half the house was gone. To soothe my worries, I went to Memphis Pizza Cafe with some friends, and ordered 2 slices, a half Greek salad and a water...when the bill came, it was $61.88. It was turning into the worst day ever. So I carried my bill around the restaurant saying, "But my HOUSE just burned down!" as if that would give me some sympathy and possibly a free meal. Well, it worked, but my bill ended up only being like $10.

Then I went back to my half-burned house and started painting it to cover up the burned parts. I painted one room Tiger blue (even the furniture) and one room pink and green. I thought Jackie would be really excited that I made the house look prettier, but then I realized that maybe she didn't want all of her furniture in that one room to be blue. So then I felt bad again. Jackie came home and didn't say anything to me about my spectacular painting job. I remember she had this really weird bedspread on her was photos of her with other people but everyone had bodies of famous people...

THEN Katherine picked me up and went to this Fraternity/Sorority show...every group was dressed up in some sort of outfit...I don't know, it was weird. But they were on this stage that was outside on a hill, but the spectators sat inside, and the inside looked like Schadt Hall from SMS. My friend Stephen was there the whole time, but it turned out that he could become a very small werewolf. Oh you know, like Jacob from Twilight. Yep. But really, it was more like he was Sirius Black from HP and he turned into a smaller version of a large animal. Apparently people could bring their dogs to this event, because he slept in my lap the whole time, and I didn't think it was weird. It should have been weird, because he could turn into a dog, but in my dream, it was normal. So he snuggled me like Luna does, and we all finally left, and instead of going home to my burned house, I went to my grandparents' old neighborhood to see some friends. In real life, there is this HUGE hill we used to race down on our bikes and sled down in the winter and at the end of the hill (in my dream), there was this house, and it ended up that my friend Daniel lived there. So I visited with him, but the whole time, I was on my cell phone. I can't remember whom I was talking to, but apparently it was important because I didn't hang up. I even went past my friend Loye's parents' house, and ignored them, even though in my dream, I had known them my whole life.

And this is the best part: in my dream, my mode of transportation was quite unusual, but I used to ride one of these things ALL THE TIME.

Yes, that is indeed a ROLLER RACER. I hope for your personal benefit that you also owned and rode around on one of these gems, but if you didn't, A: I'm sorry, and B: this thing is amazing. You put your feet on the round yellow things on the handlebars and then hold onto the handles and GO. To get started, you have to wiggle back and forth until you are really roller racin'. So, it took me awhile to get where I was going in my dream, except down that huge hill in my grandparents' old neighborhood, where this thing would reach speeds up to a shocking 15 mph. Sometimes, you could fit 2 people on it! Good thing Claire and I were the same size for a long time, because we could BOTH fit on it. I mean, she was small. She is 6 years older than I am, and we've been pretty much the same size for most of our lives (except for my fatty years). But now that we are full grown humans, I'm bigger than she is. But not for long, because the Bean is growing inside her. I wonder if all 3 of us could fit on the roller racer...?

and PS: Claire and Craig find out what the Bean is on Tuesday! I can't WAIT to start monogramming!