The Last Waffle is always the best

by Ellen in

Today is the last day of Waffle Shop and LPS, and I have just consumed my last free Waffle Shop waffle. Yes, they ARE the best waffles in the world, although I heard my waffle maker complain that she made the batter a little too thin today, followed by her friend's comment, "What the hell? No one will ever know the difference." Please keep in mind that these lovely ladies are at around a blushing 86 years old.

Last night I dreamed I was wearing a wedding dress, and was in a pool, but the pool was close to the River. There were other girls there, too, and they were all wearing the same wedding dress as I (all the wedding dresses I wear in my dreams are never ones that I would actually pick out).My sister and her husband were there, too, and we were having some sort of party/celebration. Even though I was wearing a wedding dress, I definitely wasn't getting married. I ended up dancing with one of Claire and Craig's friends that they had brought with them to the party, and we danced the whole time, and I felt weird because he was friends with my sister. He was very tall and good-looking and a REALLY good dancer, so it was a lovely dream.

PS. Claire and Craig, I'm pretty sure this dream was one of those tell-the-future dreams. So, would you mind having all of your tall, single, good dancing friends over to your house the next time I'm there so I can pick him out? That would be great, thanks!

Love, Antebellum

PPS. While looking for the wedding dress FROM my dreams, I think I found the wedding dress OF my dreams:

I'm nowhere close to getting married, but if/when I am, I think I'm going to pick this one. It's very pretty. Thank you, JCrew. A girl can dream, right?