by Ellen in

So, Loonie has been doing funny things since the day we brought her home, when she was a mere 4 weeks old. She liked to fall asleep in really small spaces, pee on my bed, and do somersaults while little-barking at the doorstop in our old house. We call her Luna, Looney, Lu, Looney Toon, Tooney Town, LuLu, Little, Baby Angel, Angel Butt, Sugar Foot, Loonie Lu, Looney Girl, Muffin Angel, and Luna Lovegood. Believe it or not, she answers to it all. She calls me Auntie Boo, and no one has EVER asked me why that is, even the people who don't know that Elise and I have called each other Boo since high school. Not exactly sure why/how that started, it is just a normal thing for us, so naturally, Loonie would call me that, too. It seems fitting nonetheless. Anyway, here are some funny things she's done. I'm sure that other people's dogs have done funny things, too, theirs just isn't as well documented.

She used to just nod off and random times in weird places...
like, under furniture with just her nose poking out, the
tiny space between the couch and the wall, or half inside
half outside her house.

The first night we got her, she snuggled in the smallest space she could find.

She was so little.

An eighth of the size she is now.

She loved it when her Uncle Will tortured
her when she was little.

And she sat funny.

And snuggled in more small spaces.

Easter is her favorite holiday because she loves Jesus and Easter eggs.

I'm such a vicious creature!

She loved to lick her mom in the face.

She also loved to pull Winston around.

And be dragged around by her duck.
When we had a shower curtain, she liked to
try to get in with us.

The path of destruction: dismembered bunny, conquered dragon, pee on the floor, nap time.

She would get mad at me for sticking the camera in her face and she would try to hit me.

She liked to attack Zoe.
She likes to sing to us.

Her first time swimming was an interesting day.

As you can tell, she really loves it when Elise is on her.

And brushing her teeth...

Oh, the day she got her girly parts out. She had to wear the cone of shame.

She also really loved her birthday hat.

Loonie, you're the best doggie in the whole world.