facebook knows me so well

by Ellen in

So, most of the time I don't love Facebook because of all the stuff it makes up. Like, when it tells me to "reconnect" with someone who is dead. Yes, Facebook, I WOULD like to reconnect with that person, and thank you for reminding me that I can't. EVER. Well, maybe in 70 years when I am dead, too.

And most of the time, I don't look at the ads on the side. They usually drive me crazy, because they are just there because of things I have written in my profile.

But today, I'd like to say, "Facebook, you've got me PEGGED." And so much so, that I HAD to blog about it.

Let me preface: OK, so there's this family that I babysit for in Memphis. I have been babysitting these 2 girls for almost 5 years (I was their nanny one summer, too), and if I could just clone children instead of having them, I would clone these two. Anyway, their parents are art people: their father owns a prominent gallery in Memphis, and their mom is the director of the Metal Museum downtown. Naturally, they have some AMAZING pieces of art in their house. Freida Hamm, Daisy Craddock, Greely Myatt, Carroll Cloar, you name it--the most well-known Memphis artists make stuff for them all the time. BUT there is this ONE piece in their house that I love more than anything else (and believe me, there's a LOT to love there): it's a green bookcase. But not just any bookcase. It's this 10-foot-tall, weathered green shelf with black legs and it LEANS, y'all. I swear, it does. It's this amazing effect...I always feel as if it's going to come crashing down on me when I walk into the Orange Room where it resides. It's very sturdy, though. I mean, this thing looks straight out of a Tim Burton movie or a Dr. Seuss book... It looks ALIVE. It's really a piece of work, and I've never seen anything like it EVER.


And this is where Facebook becomes my new best friend: it must have sensed my deep love for this incredible bookshelf, and it found it for me and put it in its ads.

And thus I have found my dream furniture:

Hello, I think I will use you as a nightstand.
This one is called, "Together We Can." I know, right?

"Stacked No.1" is beautiful. I realize this stresses some people out.

Oh, Rift Bookcase, I can see all of my art books on you now.
This one is called "The Acrobats." Don't they look alive? Amazing.
This one looks like it could just run away at any moment.
And Clock No. 1, you are a piece of art.

All of this is from Dust Furniture, and the artists are Vincent and Jessie Leman in Valparaiso, IN. They are completely magical. Obviously I can't have every piece of furniture in my house look like these, because I really would feel like my house might fall over. But they are incredible. Has anyone else ever heard of this place? I feel like I've uncovered the greatest gem of all furniture!