I feel like such a good blogger...

by Ellen in ,

...because I'm blogging on vacation. Isn't that what all legit bloggers do? Blog EVEN on vacation?? I just wanted to share some pretty photos and make a list of things to write about later because they are funny.
Hello, flowers
When you're old, you get to live here:
And you get to have a garden with grapefruit trees:
Down by the bay...
You can see people skateboarding with their doggies. Makes me miss Loonie.
Uh oh.
These are new-ish Banyan trees. Like on LOST.

1. Nana + art=giggles
2. The Electric Chair
3. On being old
4. Trying to make a 64th anniversary card a surprise when you are never alone
5. Why don't you bring Sam with you next time?
6. Well, let's face it: Nana + anything=giggles.