Free Rice

by Ellen in , ,

I just found the greatest website EVER. It asks you questions, and for the ones you get right, it donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme. I love Free Rice! The vocab one gets really hard. The art and spanish ones make me feel smart because I know all the answers! I love Free Riiiiice!!

Next week, rain or shine, I'm Zooming through the Zoo! I've been excited about this for MONTHS. I had a dream last night that I ran ten miles twice in one day, and it was great. Running dreams are definitely my favorite. Also, never in my life did I think I'd ever be at the point where I just run 4 miles out of nowhere. I'm down to running only 3 times a week now, so it's not like I've been training for this or anything. But NEVER did I think 4 miles would be no big deal OR that I would be so excited to run 4 miles. But it's through the Zoo! All of my favorites will know that I do other things than just stare at them and take pictures.

I can't wait to get to SF and conquer those beastly hills. Can you imagine what my legs are going to look like? Well, I'll tell you. RIDICULOUS. I also plan on riding a bike lots of places, and friend sent me this map to show me how to avoid hills.

I don't use this word lightly: this one looks like a BITCH.

I have this sick fantasy about being this really awesome biker girl there, and that I'll be the only one to can make it to the top of all of them in a very short period of time because my legs will soon be bodies of their own.