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by Ellen in

Hi. Hello. Hey. Yullo?

So, you may have noticed that the blog looks a tad different. Instead of blogging about my dreams (I am not remembering many of them, which makes me very sad and sort of uninteresting), this will become a photo blog. Since I just acquired this new fancy camera, and people want to start paying me for my photographs, I think maybe I should start directing them to a sampling of things I do.

After much agonizing and TERRIBLE names and plays on words, What's in a Frame is the clever conclusion. However, my favorite one was from Elise: I know, right? Hilarious. However, in 20 years, I think I will still like and probably not or

So, what's in a frame? It's not the frame that's important, but what's in it. A big thanks to Will Shakespeare.

Who doesn't love little people on the beach?
Also, we had a guest at our house this weekend:

Gibby came to stay with Loonie. He's Martha's doggie, and he's soooo sweet. Some of their favorite games to play together: Let's Get Every Single Toy Out Of the Looney Bin After Auntie Boo Puts Them Back In and Hey Loonie, Chase Me Under The Deck So You Can Be The Same Color As Me.