Brie & Justine

by Ellen in ,

So, my dear dear friends Brie and Justine are engaged! They are the most delightful couple: Brie is one of the smartest people I know, is one of my favorite Jesus musicians, and wears awesome shorts with whales on them. Justine is beautiful, laid back, so so so so kind, and just easy to be around. She also drives a super cool car, and I love being around the two of them. Brie is one of my oldest and dearest camp friends, and it is so wonderful that she has found someone who complements her in every way. They really care for each other, and the way they treat each other seems rare for a couple in this day and age. Brie and Justine have a deep love and respect for each other, two things they maintain and will continue to fight for so they can fly IN the radar, not under it.

I admire their courage, their relationship, and nature of their devotion to each other. I will surely miss these two when I move to California, but never fear, there is NO way I will be away from Memphis on June 25, 2011.

But first, the obligatory ring photos (isn't it beautiful? Justine did pretty darn good):

Also, Justine HATES to be in pictures (I know how she feels). Heather and Ed threw an engagement party for them a few weeks ago, and the support from friends was overwhelming. I wanted to actually get to talk to people, so I didn't take a lot of pictures, but here are some that I took:

This is Ed's fruit salad that only had pineapples and strawberries, the two things I pick out of a normal fruit salad. So, this photo is completely selfish (but pretty). two favorites!
Two more of my favorites:

Cerveza, ole!
My dearest friends love each other:

I feel like this one needs some 'splaining. Dear sweet Jonathan had been to Raiford's the night (morning) before, and "fell asleep" on his hand, therefore leaving his chest branded with and upside down and backward PAULA. When this happens, one becomes enslaved to all that is good and holy about Memphis--Paula Raiford, disco-owner extraordinaire. I love Raiford, but Paula's where it's at.
This is probably when Brie was making fun of Jonathan for this blunder. Chan is so pretty in this one!
The Woodle was soaking up the attention:
AND Dave, Ed, and Jake started a color-coordinated band! NB: Ed might be the only person in this photo who was actually playing something that resembled a tune.