The SophieCat

by Ellen in

So, I'm not the biggest fan of cats. Really, I can't stand them. I'm a total dog person. Dogs are just the superior of the two species, if we're comparing. Generally, they listen when you talk, you can train them to do (or not to do) things, they smile at you, they give you sweet lovies, they poop OUTSIDE, and they always want to pay attention to you.

Cats, on the other hand, are jerks. They don't listen to anything you say, they can't be trained, they always look mean, it hurts when they lick you, they poop in the house, and they either want to be all up in your grill or have nothing to do with you. In my opinion, they make terrible pets. Sure, they're cute when they're kittens, but then they become CATS. Who always look evil. Who you can just feel would turn on you in a second if given the opportunity.

OK, maybe that's all a little dramatic. And generally, I also think there are some exceptions to every generalization. Like the rabid dog, or:

The SophieCat.

Sophie is my little friend that we got about 7 years ago. Her previous owner couldn't keep her anymore because her other cat was mean to her, and Sophie would hide for days. Sophie is smaller, softer, and sillier than your average kitty. She is a bobcat. Literally, she is--she doesn't have a tail on purpose, and she looks just like a bobcat, but about 1/10 of the size. She doesn't get sick, she doesn't hiss, she doesn't usually make a peep unless she's barking at birds. Yes, barking. That's why the Soph is so great: she barks! She doesn't ever need to be all up in your bidness, but she'll let you pet her whenever. She has a special super power--she can jump from the floor to any height. I mean, anything... like to the cabinets above our refrigerator. And she's pretty.


Oooo, meOW.

She's so fierce.
Orrr, sometimes she yawns.

My meowmeow is the exception to the rule. What a nice kitty.