The first movie I ever saw was "All Dogs Go To Heaven."

by Ellen in

Warning: this is going to be sad. No, really; it's really sad.

This is Cayman:

I dog-sat for him a few weeks ago, and he belongs to my good friends from church, Ryan and Molly. I had a blog about him started right after I took those pictures, but I never got around to posting it. Here is what I started:

Cayman is 10 years old, has a bionic leg because a school bus hit him about a year and half ago, and has had cancer for the past couple years. He is big, hairy, smiley, lazy, sneaky, sweet sweet sweet sweet, and silly. He loves to chase cars, and is stronger than he leads you to believe. Because of his cancer, you have to give him all sorts of pills, and he HATES taking them, so you have to put each pill in some sort of goodie: a hamburger, turkey, cheese, chicken...anything he likes. He loves to go on lots of walks and be outside. He's been the nicest doggie, and I have had a lot of fun snuggling him and kissing him on the head.

Well, there is a bit of sad news: on Wednesday, Ryan and Molly had to put Cayman to sleep. I guess the cancer had gotten the best of him, so it was just time. He fought the good fight, though, and he will be missed.