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So, I read Jason Mraz's blog, and it's wonderful. It really has nothing to do with music or himself...he is usually writing about traveling, the environment, and social issues. Or his cat.
It doesn't matter who he is, what songs he sings, or where he's from, he's a fantastic writer. He oozes good and clever diction, and whatever he's writing about, I enjoy reading because he's really good at words.
He writes a LOT about marriage. It's something of which he is a big proponent, and I just wish I could say out loud the things he writes, but I will never be as eloquent as his fingertips. Some people just have a gift.

I'ma copy-paste this so you might actually read it instead of the pain of clicking through a link. This post is entitled, "Let's Face It. Some People are Gay."

More than 500 people have signed a petition calling for NBC's Today Show to include gay and lesbian couples in its "Modern Day Wedding Contest." -

You don't have to read the full story to understand it. It goes on to read like the rest of the arguements against gay-marriage where an organization or State sound too afraid to accept the present age we live in.

Let's Face it. Some People Are Gay.

Has this not been in our popular culture for the past 50 years?
It isn't a trend. Homosexuality is as old as humanity itself.

No anti-marriage law is going to change and reverse the mindset of millions of homosexuals, nor will it stop people from falling in love with whomever they choose. So isn't it time we grant ALL AMERICANS the same civil rights so we can stand united as first class citizens and march on to much greater issues like war, health, poverty and environment? I think so.

Thank you for combating bigotry by speaking up for the hearts of all beings and sharing that this is as safe a place as any to be fully-self-expressed.

Let go,

It's simple, pithy, straightforward, and poignant. He may be a little hipster, he may smoke a little too much weed, and he may be sometimes on another planet. But he has a point.

And Let's Face It: I support this claim. You're more than welcome to shake your head and think I'm crazy, too. But this is MY blog, and IdowhatIwant. I'm going to have a nephew in 4 days. I would hate for him to grow up thinking that we only show respect to SOME people, and not everyone. I hope it never makes sense to him why others don't have the same rights as everyone else. I hope by the time he is old enough to use his noggin in constructive ways, that this will be a thing of the past and he won't have to worry about it. He needs to spend his time doing important things like visiting his Aunt Ellen and saving lost doggies.

Anyway, I'm not shy about the issues for which I advocate. Hello, I'm moving to San Francisco, the gayest city ever.

I like the way Nana talks about "the gays":
"Well El, you know who lives there?"
"Who, Nana?"
"All the gays!"
"Yes, Nana, gay people only live in San Francisco and nowhere else."
"I know! I like them"
"Me too, Nana, me too."
"Well, that's good, since you're moving to where they all live."
"Yes, ma'am."
"What's your address so I can still send you the Upper Room? They might not make it in California."

The world is changing, one Southern -Methodist- Fox News Watcher-89-year-old at a time.
If Nana can do it, there's hope for everyone.

This is totally unrelated, but pretty: