I'm here!

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Well, this is officially the beginning of my new life... everything is great! Mom and I had some adventures to begin with, but it is beautiful here, and everyone is SO nice. It feels like I'm still in the South, except for all the other parts. But maybe there's something that needs to be called Western Hospitality.

However, I haven't taken ONE photo with Fitty. By the end of today, I am just about to go crazy because I wished for it the whole time we were walking around. I just keep telling myself that there will be plenty of time for beautiful photos. Of course, I couldn't completely refrain from having a camera, so thanks to iPhone, I got some really lovely shots:

G'bye Memphis!
Hello, pretty sky.
SF is down there
About to land...
City Hall was pretty
Cupcakes are even prettier. These were good, but they aren't as good as Muddy's!
These trees are beautiful
Obligatory cable car photo:
My house!
One block away from my house:
One and a half blocks from my house: Grace Cathedral
The inside: I'll be doing Yoga on the Labyrinth on Mondays, thankyouverymuch.
Everything is really good so far. This city is beautiful, and I even met a girl who played softball for Memphis. That was fun. We are eating good food, and not sweating to death, which is probably the best part about living here. Living here? I can hardly believe I live here now.