My favorite girls

by Ellen in

Last weekend, Elise, Loonie, and I went to Shelby Farms to do some mother-daughter portraits in the sunflowers. Well, it was really hot outside and everyone was sweating profusely. Of course, Loonie looked beautiful in the sunflowers...the yellow really brought out her angel wings...and her tennis ball.

Yes, I'm still avoiding thinking about the fact that Elise and Luna are leaving in like 32 hours. In 9 days, we will be on opposite coasts, the farthest we've ever been away from each other. Sooooo that's pretty weird. BUT we're going to be fine, because they will always be my family, we're just doing really cool things separately, but together. We'll videochat and see each other over Christmas, and I'm going to ride back to Yale with her and Lu in January and then fly back to SF to be back for school, since I start a week after Yale. Funnnnn and lots to look forward to!

So, here are some of my favorites from our very sweaty 30 minutes in the sunflowers: